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September 5, 2017


Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies (AACU)
DUC 215
3:00 - 5:00 PM

Call to order and introductions - Jianhua Ren, AACU Chair   

Welcome - Jeff Becker, Academic Council Chair    

I.               Consent Calendar                                                                                          Action             
Minutes of May 4, 2017                  

II.             Action Items                                                                                                  Action              
1)     FHB 6.2.1 Revision
                2)     Election of Chair Elect  

III.           Discussion Items:                                                                      Information/Discussion
                1)     Draft AACU Committee Responsibilities
                        a)      Attendance Schedule
                        b)     Program and Course Committee Member Group Readers/Presenters
                2)     Draft AACU Proposal Review Criteria
                3)     Catalog Deadline Change   

IV.           What's on your mind?