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September 5, 2017


Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies (AACU)
DUC 215 3:00 - 5:00 PM   
Attendance: Voting members: Jianhua Ren, Wade Russu, Peter Hilsenrath, Keith Smith, Cyd Jenefsky, Caroline Styc
Guests: John Livesey, AC Chair-elect Jeff Becker, AC Chair Glen Rogers, Director of Academic Assessment   

Call to order and introductions - Jianhua Ren, AACU Chair   

I.     Consent Calendar                                                                                          
       Minutes of May 4, 2017  

Motion Second Action
Wade Russu Peter Hilsenrath Passed

II.    Action Items                                                                                                                         
1)     FHB 6.2.1 Revision Chair Jianhua Ren noted this is a minor change to FHB 6.2.1 to show thirteen instead of fourteen voting members.  Another small change is to change the "S" to "U" to reflect the University wide scope of the committee.  

Motion Second Action
Cyd Jenefsky Wade Russu Passed

2)     Election of Chair Elect
After discussion this item was deferred to the next meeting.  

III.   Discussion Items:                                                                  Information/Discussion  
1)     Draft AACU Committee Responsibilities
a)      Attendance Schedule
Chair Jianhua Ren stressed the importance of meeting attendance for the purpose of quorum and asked members to verify their availability.  Members will be sent an Outlook invite for each meeting.
b)     Program and Course Committee Member Group Readers/Presenters
Chair Jianhua Ren explained the Reader Schedule for fall meetings to the committee members, a system of review and presentation of the program and course proposals.  This will improve and enhance the quality and efficiency of proposal review.  Each meeting a group of scheduled committee members will thoroughly review the proposals utilizing the AACU Proposal Review Criteria. The assignments will be made by AACU Chair and sent to the review group members one week prior to the AACU monthly meeting.  
c)     AACU Committee Responsibilities
The document includes the Chair (and chair-elect) responsibilities, including AACU agenda planning meeting.  Jianhua emphasized the importance of AACU member attendance participation in the monthly meeting.  AACU is the last step in the approval process before Academic Council.  AC Chair, John Livesey shared that AC relies on the judgment of AACU in determining quality, thoroughness and completeness of the proposals. Members should prepare for the meeting by reading/scanning the documents.
2)     Draft AACU Proposal Review Criteria
Chair Jianhua Ren shared the criteria was a collaborative effort from the two prior AACU and AACG Chairs, Wade Russu and Matt Normand.  When proposals are reviewed the review criteria will be the minimum level of review.  AACU member noted there the checklist is not arranged by priority.  The committee reviewed and discussed elements of the document confirming it applies to new and revised programs and courses. It will be a working document that the committee will continue to revise and improve.  The Registrar requested adding whether or not a course proposal has already been approved when adding a course to a new or revised program proposal.  Vice Provost Jenefsky asked to add whether or not course content is at the appropriate degree level.  After discussion, the committee will continue to review the criteria and send any suggestions for changes/additions to Carole in Faculty Governance. The review criteria can be used immediately for the next committee meeting proposals.  It was confirmed that after proposals are approved they go to Academic Council, the Provost office and the departments they came from.  Financials decisions on new programs are made by the Institutional Priorities Committee, for courses the decisions stays with the school/unit Deans. Jianhua confirmed that core competencies are required for all proposals. Curriculum maps are available through Taskstream.    
IV.     Catalog Deadline Change - Margo Landy & Michelle Faul, Registrar's Office
The Registrar was asked by Enrollment Management and the Provost office to move the publication of the catalog to when students are advised for summer and fall registration (early March).  Courses and programs will need to have AACU approval by the January 2018 meeting for the new catalog deadlines.  Michelle went over the deadline calendar.  Margo asked that departments contact the Registrar by November 1st for new program plans.  The catalog will be published Friday, March 2, 2018. This is two weeks prior to the start of advising, there will be time to correct errors.  The Registrar advised it is being considered to change in future years to set the last AACU approval meeting prior to the catalog deadline to the December meeting.  AC leadership shared the units need to be advised the proposals would need to be approved by October/November unit curriculum meetings.  Departments will need to reschedule their assessment/planning process.  The submittal process has changed and all departments have been notified to scan their proposals to the Registrar, Sandy Evans in Vice Provost Jenefsky's office and the Faculty Governance Office.   
V.     Jeff Becker, Academic Council Chair
Academic Council Chair Jeff Becker welcomed the AACU members to the new year and thanked them for their willingness to serve.  He underscored the importance of the committee and the collaboration with the Registrar and Provost office on the curriculum.  He mentioned the committee meeting date change from Thursday to Tuesday was to streamline the approval process.  He recognized our student representation this year and invited members to reach out to Carole Hill in the Faculty Governance office if they had questions about the roles and responsibilities of the committee and its charge.  Jeff confirmed the change in document submittal to allow for all three entities (Faculty Governance, Provost and Registrar) to receive the course and program proposals at the same time.        
VI.    What's on your mind?            
Carole shared the Faculty Governance office needs a work study student, the job is listed on Tiger Jobs.            
Adjournment at 3:20 pm