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Information Strategy & Policy Committee Roster

Faculty Representatives Term Expires
James Hetrick, COP/Physics 2019
Kenneth Day, COP


Academic Council Representative Faculty TEC Representative
TBD, Academic Council Jeff Shafer, Chair, Technology & Education Committee


Staff Advisory Council Representative Student Representative(s)


Dugoni School of Dentistry (San Francisco Campus) Representative McGeorge School of Law (Sacramento Campus) Representative
Andrew Young, DEN
Patrick Faverty, Campus Director


Academic Division Representative(s) President's Division Representative
Patricia Campbell, Dean, University College Margo Landy, University Registrar


Last updated on 5/23/2018

University Development Representative Business and Finance Representative
Scott Rivinius, Assistant Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations (term expires May 2018) Ron Ellison, Associate Vice President for Business & Finance (term expires May 2017)


Enterprise Business Partner Chair Student Life Division
Rebecca Stovall, Technology Operations Manager

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members  
Jack Brown, Deputy Chief Information Officer Art Sprecher, Vice President for Technology/CIO
James August, Chief Information Security Officer Mike Rogers, Director of Institutional Research