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University Compensation Committee Roster

Lydia Fox, COP, Faculty Member from FCC Peter Meyer, COP, Faculty selected by AC (Term Expires-2019)
Michael Malloy, Staff/Faculty (selected by Dean at Law School)  Ed Pegueros, Staff/Faculty (selected by Dean at Dental)
Lori Guerrero, Staff from Stockton  Peter Witte, Dean (selected by Provost) 
E. Ann Sica, Staff from Stockton 


Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members
Greg Walters, Chair, AVP Human Resources Jonallie Parra, Director of Budget
Dayna Cerruti-Barbero, Director of Health Services, Medical Director of Cowell Wellness Center Laura Allen, Director of Human Resources, LAW
Kara Bell, Director of Human Resources, DEN
Ash Brown, Emeriti/Retiree Elisa Levy, Asst Dean Admin/Strat Planning
Margaret Caldwell, Budget & Risk Management Stacey Lucchesi, Stockton Human Resources
Linda Jeffers, Stockton Human Resources Jonathan Latta, President's Office


 Last updated on 8/17/18