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University of the Pacific’s Four-Year Guarantee

The purpose of the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee ("Guarantee") is to facilitate a student's goal to graduate in four years with a Bachelors degree. To be eligible for the Guarantee, a student must satisfy each of the following conditions:

1. Declare and be admitted to a major by the beginning of the sophomore year by filing a Change of Program form. You may change majors if, at the time you make a change, you can still meet the requirements of the new major and graduate within four calendar years.
2. Remain in good academic standing (2.00 GPA - major and institutional) at the University.
3. Complete 32 semester hours of units each year for four years as required by the college and major, and meet all degree progress checkpoints.
4. Meet with your faculty advisor prior to registration each term to review your course plan and monitor progress.
5. Register for courses within two days of the assigned early registration appointment. Enroll in available courses needed for the program of study; accept any available section that can be accommodated in your course schedule. Sole exceptions: Students who are on Study Abroad or off campus participating in a full-time co-op may require a few additional days to register.
6. Make timely annual application for all necessary financial assistance, to avoid registration problems.
7. Apply for graduation by the stated deadline published in the academic and/or term calendars.
8. Monitor your own progress toward degree using the electronic degree check audit system (DegreeWorks) and ROAR (Roam On Line Articulation Reports) regarding transfer work to help you stay on track.
9. Notify faculty advisor if unable to register for a required course needed in the major or for graduation.

•Special exclusions: Five year programs and students following individualized learning programs. If the student satisfies all of the foregoing conditions, but is unable to graduate due to unavailability of a course, the University will offer one of the following remedies:

1. Enable the student to graduate in four years by substituting a different course or an independent study assignment, as determined by the department and the college offering the student's major.
2. Allow the unavailability of the course to delay the student from graduating in four years, in which case the University will waive Pacific tuition and mandatory fees in order for the student to graduate within the next academic year.

The University may choose, in its sole discretion, which of the two foregoing remedies it will offer the student under this Guarantee, and the remedy chosen by the University will be the student's sole remedy under this Guarantee. The University is under no obligation to provide one of the foregoing remedies unless the student submits a written request for an accommodation to the Provost prior to beginning of classes in the last term of the student's four year plan.