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Issuing Permits and Overrides (using Banner)

(Only use this form for courses you are authorized to override. It will record who processed the transaction.)

Go to form SFASRPO

Type University ID #

Type Registration Term

201431 = Spring 2014
201451 = Summer Session I 2014
201461 = Summer Session II 2014
201471 = Summer Session III 2014
201481 = Fall 2014

Click Next Block icon
Go to first blank line. Double click in blank line under Permit or Click on arrow under Permit
( A box will appear that list all valid Permit-Override Codes. Double click on the code you wish to use)

You have two options:

  1. To permit an override for a particular course enter the CRN (all other information will filter in the other areas)
  2. To permit a override for multiple sections of a course, leave CRN blank, enter subject (i.e. ENGL) and full course number (i.e. 005 or 189A)and leave the section blank

Click Save icon
(You will see a Transaction Complete message at the bottom of your screen once it has been saved)

Instruct the student that they now can register on insidePacific.  (The student will not be registered for the course until they go on and do this.)

Multiple Overrides:  If a course needs more than 1 override repeat the steps above again with the different override.  For example a student may need Permission of Instructor and a Closed Course override. You would enter this on two separate lines.
Delete Overrides:  To delete an override mistakenly entered or no longer valid simply go to the override you wish to delete and click the Remove Record icon (the fifth button over from the left) and save.