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CAPP Degree Evaluation Availability and General Information

What is a "What-If" Analysis?
The What-If Analysis allows you to run an evaluation for any available program, major, second major, concentration and minor.  Note: Running a What-If analysis does not guarantee your acceptance into the program.  You must meet admission requirements and be approved via a Change of Program Form from that department.

What are the “general information” and "additional information" screens for?
The general information screen gives an overview of your coursework. The additional information shows the courses that were excluded from your Degree Evaluation.  We strongly recommend that you use the “detail requirements” option to view your audit. It will provide you with the best and most comprehensive analysis of your progress toward degree completion.

Some courses on my Degree Evaluation are hyperlinked to the online catalog, and some are not.  How can I see the descriptions for all the courses in my program?
The system only hyperlinks courses that you have not yet taken and that are specifically required (i.e., not part of a list of several courses) for your program to the online catalog.  To look for other course descriptions, go directly to the online catalog and follow the prompts.

How often is my CAPP Degree Evaluation updated?
A CAPP Degree Evaluation updates when any aspect of a program changes, but you must select “Generate New Evaluation” to view the updates.

How does my transcript differ from my CAPP Degree Evaluation?
Transcripts are a chronological account of the grades received for courses completed at Pacific. CAPP Degree Evaluation takes the same courses, as well as any courses completed elsewhere, and groups them by area to show how they count toward degree requirements.

Placement of Courses

How does CAPP Degree Evaluation decide where to place courses that I've completed?
CAPP Degree Evaluation processes your courses chronologically, based on a “best fit” scenario.  It will look through each of your courses in the order you’ve completed them, and then it assigns each course to the first requirement in your degree program that the course will fulfill.

Does my CAPP Degree Evaluation evaluation include the classes I am currently taking?
Yes.  And if you run the evaluation for a future term that you have already registered for, it will include those courses as in-progress.

Some courses have “or” & “and” next to them.  What does this mean?
A requirement with an “or” next to it means that you can take this requirement that it is listed next to or the one listed above it.  The requirement with an “and” next to it means that you must take the requirement that is listed next to it and the requirement listed above.

The Degree Evaluation placed one of my courses in two places.  Is that okay?
In most cases, yes.  CAPP Degree Evaluation is programmed to recognize that some courses can “double fulfill” requirements.  Be sure to look through requirements for your major in the General Catalog to make sure that this duplicate placement is appropriate.  If you have any questions, contact your academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar.

What if I have questions about course placement?
Consult with your advisor and the General Catalog for specific guidelines.

What should I do if CAPP Degree Evaluation placed a course in one section, when I wanted to use it in another?
Let your academic advisor know and our office will correct area via the Degree Requirement Adjustment Form(CAPP).

How will courses that I've substituted or waived appear on CAPP Degree Evaluation?
This information will be programmed after your substitution or waiver is approved. The course that you substituted will automatically be used to fulfill the requirement specified, and you will see that course listed next to the requirement.  The course adjustments link will show any substitutions approved for your program.

I repeated a course, and I don't understand how it appears in the Degree Evaluation.  Can you explain this to me?
If the repeated course has been removed from your CAPP Degree Evaluation (i.e., it is marked with either an “A”veraged or an “E”xcluded in the repeat column on your transcript), the system will ignore the course completely.  If it has not been removed from your records, you should contact the Office of the Registrar.
If you earned an F in a course, the course will automatically be placed in your electives.  There does not need to be any indication of the averaged grade or an excluded grade, since grade of F does not carry any unit value. If one of your repeated courses is in progress both will show on CAPP until it is graded.  Then only the one marked with "I" will show.

Majors, Minors, Concentrations, and Tracks

I'm a double degree major.  Why can't I check both of my degrees at the same time?
You cannot audit both programs at the same time because of the way that different degrees allow courses to double-fulfill requirements.  Your program information will list both of your degrees, and you will need to run a Degree Evaluation for each of them.  Please also refer to the University Catalog for additional information about double degrees or additional baccalaureate degrees.

CAPP Degree Evaluation put several courses in a requirement for my Social Science major (Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology), even courses that I don't intend to use to fulfill this requirement.  Why did this happen?
The system is trying to find 15 hours in one discipline, and it will “store” courses in this area until it does.  This will not compromise the accuracy of your Degree Evaluation, as courses that need to be counted toward degree requirements or minor requirements will still be audited.  As soon as you complete 15 hours, the rest of the courses will be released from this area.

How do I check to see if I'm eligible for a minor?
Use the “what-if analysis” link at the bottom of the Degree Evaluation pages.  After choosing a major program, continue through the concentration select to the minor selection area.  Enter the minor you’re interested in earning, and run a Degree Evaluation.  You can do the same thing if you’re checking for another major, or thinking about changing your degree program.  Note: Running a What-If analysis does not guarantee your acceptance into the program.  You must meet admission requirements and be approved via a Change of Program Form from that department.

My major requires me to complete a concentration or track, but it didn't appear on the CAPP Degree Evaluation.  What's wrong?
Either you haven’t declared your concentration yet, or you ran a “what-if analysis” without adding a concentration.

Grade Point Averages

How can I find my major GPA?
For some majors, all of your required major courses are listed in one area if you have not repeated any courses. Some majors have their major split into two to four groups.  These majors will still need to calculate a major grade point average manually.  If you have repeated courses and the grades have been averaged you must include these in the calculation.

What are the program and overall grade point averages that are listed on the first page of my Degree Evaluation?
The overall grade point average is your cumulative grade point average.  The program grade point average is the grade point average for all courses that CAPP Degree Evaluation used to complete your degree program.  Please note that program grade point average is not your major grade point average.

Resolving Errors or Questions

What if I think my CAPP Degree Evaluation is wrong?
Please contact either your academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar immediately!  While we have done everything we can to make sure that your CAPP Degree Evaluation runs correctly, it is impossible for us to predict every possible situation or problem.  If this occurs, you should print a copy of your Degree Evaluation and bring it with you to our office, or your advisor.

Who should I contact if I still have questions?
You should first contact your academic advisor.  If you still have questions after that meeting, print a copy of your CAPP and bring it to your evaluator in the Office of the Registrar.

How can I change my catalog year, degree, or major?
These changes can be made via a Change of Program form found on the Office of the Registrar’s website. You must meet all degree requirements (major and general education requirements) from one Pacific catalog. The catalog may be chosen from the year you are first accepted/admitted to the major or from any subsequent year of enrollment. At the time of graduation, the catalog chosen may not be more than seven years old. Please consult with your academic advisor regarding changing your catalog year and/or degree type.

I have an area that says I'm deficient in a foreign language. What does this mean?
This requirement must be fulfilled to graduate with a BA degree from College of the Pacific. If you completed a placement exam and have tested out of either a first semester or second semester language and this is not reflected in your CAPP evaluation, please notify The Modern Languages Department.

"Email your advisor" does not list my current advisor.
File an approved Change of Program Form with the Office of the Registrar.

What if the Expected Graduation Date on my CAPP Degree Evaluation is incorrect?
Email the Office of the Registrar.  Include your name, ID number, degree, major and desired graduation date.  If you have 92 units and have not applied for graduation please file an Application for Undergraduate Graduation Form with our office ASAP.