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Office of the University Registrar
Knoles Hall, 1st Floor
Hours and Address:
8:30a - 5:00p M-F
Office of the Registrar
3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

How do I get to the CAPP Degree Evaluations?

To get to CAPP Degree Evaluation, please follow these steps:

For Students: For Advisors:
Log into insidePacific Log into insidePacific
Choose Student Services Choose Faculty
Choose Student Records Choose Advisor Menu
Choose CAPP Degree Evaluation Choose CAPP Degree Evaluation
Click Generate New Evaluation link* Select the current term from drop-down box and submit
Select Program and Submit Enter Student’s University ID number or name
(If you are in more than one program you will need to follow steps again) Confirm Student by clicking submit
Select one of the following options below: Click Generate New Evaluation link*
Select Program and Submit
(If the student is in more than one program will need to follow steps again)
Select one of the following options below:


Option Information
1. General Requirements Used to gain an overview of your progress
2. Detail Requirements
(Use this option!)
Used to look at the specific requirements and rules governing your program

3. Additional Information Used to show any courses the CAPP Degree Evaluation did not use for degree requirements



Generate New Evaluation -To see the most up to date Degree Evaluation based on your current program of study, registration, and grades received. You will need to run a new evaluation each time.

* What-if Analysis - Allows you to prepare a CAPP Degree Evaluation report with a different major, minor, etc., if you are considering a change in program. [Note: Running a what-if analysis does not guarantee you acceptance into the program. You must meet admission requirements and be approved via a change of program form from that department.]

To run a "What-if" analysis:

  • Instead of clicking the Generate New Evaluation link, click the What-If Analysis link
  • Select the entry term (The term which the requirements will be evaluated against, catalog term
  • Leave Campus blank
  • Select Program (The Program is the degree and school combination)
  • Select the first major
  • You can choose another major, concentration or minor by clicking add more until that field appears.
  • Click Submit once you have chosen all you programs, majors, concentrations and minors.
  • Select Evaluation Term (Select latest term)
  • Click Generate Request
  • Select one of the above

View Previous Evaluation - allows you to select a previously prepared Degree Evaluation report.