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2018 Design Competition

Thank You for Helping Us Pick the Winning 2018 Summer Sessions Marketing Poster!

Each year, the Office of Summer Sessions holds a design competition to select the marketing poster for the upcoming summer. Last fall, students from Professor Marie Lee's ARTS 127 (Illustration) course created a series of potential posters and the Pacific community helped us decide which posters will represent summer 2018 at Pacific. 2018 design competition submissions were so strong that the Office of Summer Sessions is proud to announce three winners! The selected designs (featured below) will be used as part of a broad marketing campaign for the 2018 summer sessions.

2018 Winning Designs

6  7  10

2018 Design Submissions

Thank you to Professor Lee for her support of the campaign and a special thank you to the talented students in the ARTS 127 Fall 2017 class. All design submissions are shown below:

1: Think Forward 2: Summer is Heating Up
1 2
3: Walking into the Future 4: Summer Breeze
3 4
5: Summer Reading List 6: Take Off Into Summer
5 6
7: Summer Fun 8: Water You Waiting For?
7 8
9: Surf's Up 10: Skate into Summer
9 10

Important Note: In addition to voting for favorite design(s), we looked to the University community to please examine posters critically and notify to the Office of Summer Sessions about any potential design element(s) that might be unintentionally insensitive, triggering, or hurtful to valued members of our community. Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to ensuring the inclusivity of our shared learning community.  Please contact or call (209) 946-2459.