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VoIP at Pacific

What Is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology converts voice signals to data packets and delivers them over the Pacific network, and includes services such as the ability to manage email and voicemail from the same interface, and control certain voicemail and phone features from the web. VoIP is in place on the Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco campuses.

Flexibility and reliability are both key benefits that a VoIP telephony system enjoys running on Pacific’s voice network. A single network connection can be used to connect a telephone and a computer, and in some cases Pacific Technology can install phones in areas that would otherwise need additional wiring. By moving to VoIP Pacific is able to provide the following:

  • Use the same network infrastructure for voice and data.
  • Give users the ability to create speed dials, address books, filter calls and forward calls from a web interface.
  • Give users the ability to configure their extension to simultaneously ring multiple devices at the same time (ex. home, work, cell phone numbers.)
  • Presence: Instantly know whether a person is available and the best way to reach them (ex. by phone, instant messaging, video or audio.)
  • Make & receive phone calls using software on the a Windows desktop.
  • Obtain voicemail and email from the same interface or a mobile device (Unified Messaging).
  • eFax Services: Send & receive faxes from desktops.
  • Enhanced 911: Automatically track & send location info to 911 dispatch centers via the Cisco Emergency Responder server.

Aside from the increased communication and efficiency gained from having phones running on the Pacific network, VoIP puts Pacific in a better position to recover from disasters and increase the level of service availability through fail over and standby systems.

If have any questions or need help with telephony services, contact your local TSP or the HelpDesk by calling 209-946-7400.