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Officers, Representatives and Committee Members

Staff Advisory Council - Executive Board Officers (2018-2019)

Chair  Rebeca Stovall
Chair-Elect E.Ann Sica
Secretary Anabela Bettencourt
Treasurer  Amanda Chow
Communications Chair Ashley Dunnigan
Kimberly Lynn


Current Representatives

Staff Advisory Council (S.A.C.) Representatives are elected by their peers and serve constituent groups within their divisions, both exempt and non-exempt staff in grades 1-11, with each representative serving no more than 40 staff members. Representatives serve 2-year terms, and terms are staggered so that only half the council rotates off in a given year. The role of the representative is to communicate with the constituent group regarding staff issues and S.A.C. activities carried out on their behalf, as well as to represent constituent concerns at S.A.C. meetings.

Business & Finance
Lori DeMercurio 
Exempt 2019 x62401 STK
Ashley Dunnigan Non-Exempt 2019 x62112 STK
Kimberly Neadeau Non-Exempt 2019 x23011 STK
Janet Gonzalez Non-Exempt 2020 x23097 STK
Suzy Martegani
Exempt 2020  x67336 STK 
Lacresha Mason Non-Exempt 2020  x62294  STK
Pacific Technlogy
Faye Snowden Exempt 2019 x63968 STK
Kristian Turnbeaugh Non-Exempt 2019 x62617 STK
Melinda Griffith
Exempt 2020 x62543 STK
Wendy Cornwall Exempt 2020 x62934 STK
Rita Peterson Non-Exempt 2020 X23009 STK
Danielle Kelly Exempt 2019 x62513 STK
Jennifer Ramirez Exempt 2019 x67436 STK
Kyle Harkness Exempt 2020 x62424 STK
Keith Sanpei Non-Exempt 2020 x62684 STK
Becky Perry Non-Exempt 2019 x23275 STK
Kim Heinrich Non-Exempt 2019 x62556 STK
E. Ann Sica Non-Exempt 2019 x22967 STK
Student Life
Anne Eastlick Exempt 2019 x67702 STK
Wayne Germann
Exempt 2020 x62616 STK
Brenda Manzo Non-Exempt 2020 62035 STK
Sacramento Campus
Vacant Exempt 2020 SAC
Anthony Lacy Non-Exempt 2019 x42812 SAC
Dan Degroot Non-Exempt 2019 x47237 SAC


Our Council is in the process of revisiting any open opportunities to serve on existing or upcoming University committees.


S.A.C. Representative(s)

Business Managers Vacant
Campus Safety & Security Advisory Committee Vacant
Community Service & Outreach Committee Vacant
Institutional Priorities Committee (IPC) E.Ann Sica
Informational Strategy and Policy Committee (ISPC) Rebeca Stovall
President's Advisory Council E.Ann Sica
SAC Scholarship Committee

Schannon Chi, Becky Perry, Ly Lee and Kimberly Neadeau

University Compensation Committee E.Ann Sica
University Dining Committee Vacant
University Diversity Committee E.Ann Sica
University Facilities Committee Vacant
HR Task Force Vacant