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S.A.C. Scholarship

To help promote and encourage staff development opportunities, the S.A.C. has been granted a Staff Development Scholarship Fund. Each month*, a benefit-eligible exempt or non-exempt staff member may apply for a scholarship toward training that will equip or enhance skills directly related to the employee's current position that align with the University of the Pacific's (aka Pacific) mission and strategic plan, Pacific 2020. 

Examples of professional development opportunities and specifications for applications include:

  • Training registration, Academic courses, Conference/Workshop attendance
  • Applications must be submitted for future opportunities
  • Application will not be accepted nor will reimbursement be provided for prior professional development opportunities with a start date prior to the 1st day of the current scholarship application cycle.


  • Benefit-eligible exempt or non-exempt staff members who are not upper-management as defined by the S.A.C. by-laws, have successfully completed the introductory period prior to applying for the scholarship, and
  • Have not been awarded a S.A.C. Scholarship within the past 12 months

August 1 - November 30* Monthly
January 7 - May 8*    Monthly
*Applications received during the month of June, July, and December will NOT be reviewed.

Award Criteria -  Items considered in awarding a scholarship:

  • Potential benefits of the proposed professional development activity to the individual and to the applicant's department/Division
  • Relevance and alignment of the proposed activity with Pacific's mission and strategic plan
  • Appropriate completion of the application (including completeness of cost breakdown)
  • Total amount of funding requested

Scholarships awarded will be no more than $900.00 per applicant.  Full or partial scholarships may be awarded.  Funds are discretionary based on what is available for that application cycle. 

Submission Process - DOWNLOAD PACKET: 

  1. SAC Scholarship Application
  2. Appendix A Sample Application
  3. Appendix B Pacific 2020 Summary Points

Submit the Scholarship Application and supporting documents to: put "SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION" in the subject line

  • Only 1 application per staff member will be considered during an application cycle

Notification Process

  • Acknowledgement of the receipt of a completed scholarship application submitted during the application cycle will be sent to the applicant via email or by phone

 Review & Selection

  • Applications will be reviewed according to the criteria above and any scholarships awarded will be based upon that same criteria as well as verification of eligibility.  Notification of scholarship approval or denial will be made by e-mail or by phone to each applicant.


Q: Do graduate school admissions exams (e.g. GRE, GMAT) qualify for scholarship support?
A: Admissions exams do not qualify for scholarship support as the benefit to the university is too remote.

Q: What if my professional development activity is canceled?
A: In the event that the awarded amount is not used, it is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the S.A.C. Treasurer; then the funds should be returned to S.A.C. to go back into the scholarship fund.

Q: If my application is denied one month can I apply again?
A:Yes, as long as the re-application still requests funding for a future professional development activity.

Q: I just read the piece about needing the introductory period to be finished. Is this before applying or before the event?
A: An applicant must have successfully completed his/her introductory before applying to the scholarship.