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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

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Professional Staff

Jessica Bilecki, Sustainability Director

Jessica Bilecki
Sustainability Director
Physical Plant, 1050 Brookside Dr.

Kelsey Smith, sustainability coordinator

Kelsey Smith
Sustainability Coordinator
Wendell Phillips Center, room 99

Student Staff

Student office located in Wendell Phillips Center, room 99. Email questions or suggestions to

Ashley Chao

Ashley Chao
Academic Intern

Major: Environmental Studies with a Geology concentration 

Fun fact: I enjoy volunteering at food banks on the weekends and giving back to the community.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Use fewer disposable items.

Jasmine Munoz

Jasmine Munoz
Green Team Lead

Major: Education

Fun fact: I like to run long distance.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Recycling is what I do everyday and what I encourage everyone to do.

Janise Powell

Janise Powell
Lead Sustainability Intern

Major:Business Administration with Concentration in Entrepreneurship
Minor: International Relations

Fun fact: I love the color green.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Take a reusable bottle everywhere you go.

Jon Sanchez

Jon Sanchez
Graphic Design and Communications Lead

Major: Graphic Design

Fun Fact: I love Black and White Movies
Favorite Sustainability Tip: Put used coffee grounds in the compost!

Kimi Acoba

Kimi Acoba
Kitchen Co-Op Coordinator, Outreach

Major: English
Minor: Technology

Fun fact: I love all things craft, including baking, cooking, and sewing costumes.
Favorite sustainable living tip: You can create lots of different outfits and even costumes from things you can find at thrift stores. All it takes is a little thriftiness and a little sewing skill.           

Forever-Destiny Kim

Forever-Destiny Kim
Kitchen Co-Op Coordinator

Major: Graphic Design and Media X

Fun fact: I probably know all the words to multiple Disney movies, such as Cars or Wreck It Ralph. 
Favorite sustainable living tip: Recycle whenever and whatever you can.

Carolyn Nguyen

Carolyn Nguyen
Kitchen Co-Op Coordinator, Programming

Major: Applied Mathematics

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Time your showers!