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Sustainable Living

Top Ways to Live Sustainably at Pacific:

Know your totes

    Identify and utilize nearest recycle, compost, and landfill totes (waste management information)

    Blue recycling bins also available in residence halls


Drive less 

    Bike, skate, walk, and carpool whenever possible.

    Try the student shuttle service


Be aware of water usage

    Take short showers, turn off faucets, report leaks, wash full loads


Buyer Power

    Buy local, organic, Fair Trade, and all-natural foods for personal health and community support. Look for Bon Appetit's menu for healthy and sustainable options in the Marketplace.


Bring your own reusable bottles/cups

     Discounts are available at campus cafe or fill up at hydration stations and water fountains


Conserve electricity

    Unplug chargers and appliances when not in use

    Try a power-saving surge protector


Get involved

     Join student sustainability groups, Participate in the Ted and Chris Robb Garden located on campus, attend related events, and volunteer

Educate yourself:

   Participate in university projects, take related courses, read current events

       Sustainability Month Events and Sign-Ups


Helpful Sustainable Living Websites:

Earthh911 provides information on recycling facilities, reuse and reduce ideas, crafts, and news

Huffington Post Green Living:

The Huffington Post offers up to date news and media in many areas of green living including science, business, politics, technology, and healthy living.

Although the name may initially seem cliche, this website offers top stories in green design, technology, healthy eating, business, energy, and transportation.