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Energy and Climate

Each year Pacific completes a significant number of energy efficiency projects.

These projects typically include installing LED exit signs, more efficient lighting, and adding efficient boilers, air conditioners, and heaters to older campus buildings and residence halls.

Pacific promotes life-cycle costing, which includes the installation of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. New building designs utilize indirect lighting and natural ventilation systems to reduce air-cooling costs and heat gain from solar energy.

Despite an expansion of campus facilities in recent years, the overall consumption of energy-both electrical and natural gas-has changed very little on the Pacific campus.

The long term project to replace existing building lighting with modern high-efficiency lighting is now approximately 54% complete based on square footage of building space. Almost all building exit signs have been upgraded to high-efficiency LED fixtures. In FY 10 approximately $300K was spent installing new, more efficient HVAC chillers, boilers, and control systems. One or more of these upgrades were installed in Long Theatre, Hand Hall, Anderson Hall, George Wilson Hall, Finance Center, Khoury Hall, Recital Hall and Communication-Psychology Building.


Energy Usage