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Solar CartsTo encourage use of alternative transportation methods racks which can facilitate over 200 bikes, have been installed on the campus in the past two years.  To reduce energy consumption, solar panels have been installed on 20 electric carts approximately one-quarter of the electric carts operated by Support Services. 


The Stockton-campus Department of Public Safety operates seven electric golf carts. One of their 6 patrol vehicles is a Dodge Charger with fuel-saving, flex engine system that can switch from 4-8 cylinders depending on speed.  A Ford Escape flex fuel may be added to their patrol fleet in 2011.  The Department also has one office on bike patrol every day and regularly deploys officers on two T3 motion electric chariots.


A policy was established that said employees could only use a gas-powered truck or van to travel across campus when it was absolutely necessary, such as to transport bulky equipment that could not fit on a cart.


The University insures 182 vehicles, of those 95 [52%] are electric. Seventeen of the electric vehicles are fitted with solar panels for battery recharge.



Solar Carts