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Proposal Development Support

Senior Grant Writer
The Senior Grant Writer is primarily tasked with three responsibilities:

  • Improve interdisciplinary research collaboration at Pacific and support faculty teams to develop and submit proposals in response to funding opportunities.

  • Provide proposal development support to individual faculty members.

  • Identify external funding opportunities.

Some examples of help available if you are pursuing external funding:

  • Guidance on crafting letters of intent or letters of inquiry.
  • Advice on proposal presentation, which includes avoiding jargon, checking compliance with funders guidelines, reviewing for clarity of your project description, and ensuring that your project addresses the funders questions.
  • Searches for funders based on your scholarly interests and planning a strategy for approaching the funder with your proposal
  • Tracking of cyclical grant programs and updated cyclical program guideline 

  Contact for proposal development support:  Barbara Sasso, 209-932-3051

Our Senior Grant Writer, Barbara Sasso, comes to Pacific with 26 years of experience in health services research, health communications research and evaluation, program evaluation and health policy analysis.  As a research associate at various private universities, research institutes and the Department of Veterans Affairs, she managed several multi-disciplinary and/or multi-institutional research teams. Working within these teams gave her experience collaborating with a wide range of researchers from varying disciplines. To support the research work, she wrote many funding proposals to government agencies and private foundations. She also worked as a contractor specifically developing funding proposals and searching for funding. Her proposal experience includes the researcher's perspective, and the funder's - developing requests for proposals, overseeing funding review committees and evaluating foundation funding programs. 

Her unique background gives her experience interacting not only with a wide range of faculty, administrators and staff, but also with various levels of personnel at government agencies and foundations.  Although most of her experience is in health related fields, she is prepared, qualified, and expects to help all faculty at Pacific, whatever their fields, to develop competitive proposals and locate funding sources.