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Joan Lin-Cereghino

Professor of Biological Sciences and Assistant Provost for Diversity


Phone: 209.946.2988


Biology Lab Building 108


PhD, Biology, University of California at San Diego

AB, Molecular Biology, Princeton University

Curriculum Vitae 

Teaching Philosophy

When teaching students either in a lecture class or in the laboratory, I like to create a comfortable and interactive learning environment. I take pride in my students, especially when they learn to use their strengths to gain more knowledge, think critically and do as much good in the world as possible. My teaching emphasizes that fundamental concepts can be applied to solve biological problems and improve peoples' lives.

Research Interests

Research in the Lin-Cereghino Laboratory centers on the use of the methylotrophic yeast, Pichia pastoris, as a host for recombinant protein expression.  Currently, the lab focuses on improving secretion of heterologous proteins produced in Pichia pastoris either by generating 'super-secreter' strains or by optimizing the MATalpha secretion leader.  Additionally, the lab is involved in several collaborative projects using Pichia pastoris to express genetically engineered proteins from other organisms.  By mentoring research students, our mission in the laboratory is not only to illuminate the mechanism of protein secretion but also to impart an understanding of the process and power of recombinant DNA technology.


BIOL 145 Microbiology
BIOL 051 Principles of Biology
Gene Expression