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2008 Gender and Science Conference

2008 Gender and Science Conference logoThe Gender Studies Program sponsored the "Gender and Science" regional student research conference on March 29, 2008. As you'll see from the program highlights below, students contributed research covering a wide range of topics, and issues of gender were examined from many angles.

Keynote Speaker

Banu Subramaniam
from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, presented:

"Alien Becomes Exotic: Gender, Race, and the Practice of Science"

Dr. Subramaniam is a widely respected scholar with a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and Genetics and a graduate certificate in Women's Studies.  She specializes in science, gender and race, and her work builds bridges between the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. She has published in a broad range of journals and anthologies, and is currently working on a book titled "A Question of Variation: Gender, Race, and the Practice of Science."

Panels and Posters Presented


Moderator: Becky Beal

Jenna Thiess: Gender in Sports: Unfair or Just Natural?

Lindsey Garehime and Kate Hutchinson: Sports Gendered Biases

Moderator:  Caroline T. Schroeder

Kayla Ramos and Victor Lu: The American Dream: How Much Will it Cost?

Faith Merino-Davies:  Lingerie and the Production of the Gendered Body in America

Moderator: Becky Beal

Erica Nestle and Karen Dawkins: The Feminist Theory and the Portrayal of Women's Sports on Television

Amanda Waldschmidt: Perfect Form: A History of the Ideal Dancer's Body

Meghan M. Mullen: Females in Sports

Moderator:  Gesine Gerhard

Will Smith: Gender Roles in Video Games

Christine Keh: Gender Identity in World of Warcraft and Gaming

Karli Cerankowski: Forced into the Binary: Negotiating Gender Representation on MySpace

Kasey C. Gardner:  "What do Women Think?": A Critical Approach to Film Assumptions of the Role and Psyche of Women in the Film "What Women Want"

Moderator:  Tomomi Kinukawa

Dianne Castillano, Katie Lindsey, Leiu Ninh:  Construction of Gendered Bodies in Psychology, Surgery, and Sports Science

Moderator:  Jennifer Helgren

Duane Gundrum and Kathleen Bruce: Seen But Not Heard: An Analysis of Failed Gender Expectations Observed During the August 1991 Soviet Coup.

Gerald Latasa Jr.: The Crown and the Crucible: Queen Elizabeth I and her Patronage of the Sciences

Lauren Kinney:  Re-imagining the Utopian and the Pragmatic in Political Struggles

Matthew Hachenberger:  Does Gender Affect Leadership Styles

Moderator:  Andreea Boboc

Melanie Hash:  What's Science Got to Do with it?  The Medical Construction of Gender in Late Medieval Narrative

Tasha Huff: The Role of Midwives in Western Civilization

Sachi Takahashi-Rial: S. Weir Mitchell's Rest Cure

Joseph Nevarez: The Pill:  An Unexpected Solution Wrapped in a Forbidden Package

Moderator:  John Lessard

Rachel Westerhoff: Attack on the Female Psyche

Sasha Larsen: Physician Assisted Suicide and Gender Statistics

Robin Jung: Cosmetic Surgery: Gender Analysis

Poster Presentations

Amy Yocum: Intervention Rates in Emergency Situations: College Students' Reactions to Perceived Domestic Violence

Der Thor: Effect of 17 β-estradiol on the Intracellular Calcium Concentration and eNOS Protein Expression in Human Endothelial Cells

Ashley Kallman: Exercise Capacity and Immune Function in Male and Female Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients

Mary Lake, Justin Schultz, Lisa Grimes, and Derek Szafranski: Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors: College Women vs. Parents and Religion

Becky Meda: Reel Women