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2010 Gender Conference

Gender, Race and Space Conference

September 25, 2010

Undergraduate students present research that examines connections of gender, race and space in modern society

 Gender Studies Conference

Undergraduate students embraced the opportunity to present their own research at Pacific's "Gender, Race and Space Conference" on September 25, 2010. About 100 people attended the conference, which took place in the De Rosa Center. In all, 30 students participated as presenters: 26 from Pacific and 4 from Stanford University.

The conference was organized by the Gender Studies Program (directed by Professor Gesine Gerhard) and the Ethnic Studies Program (directed by Professor Xiaojing Zhou). It was co-sponsored by the GHES Center, Humanities Center, Phi Beta Kappa, CAPD, College Pacific Fund, College Dean's Office, and the University of the Pacific Library. Support from students, staff and faculty from these organizations helped make the conference a success.

The theme of the conference was the production and transformation of living spaces through social relations and interactions, policies, and representations at the local, national, or global level. A call for papers went out in spring 2010, and students were asked to submit brief abstracts of their proposed research by June 1. Final papers were due mid-September.

Gender, Race and Space Concept

The purpose of the conference was to examine the connections of gender, race and space in modern society. Gender Studies organized a similar event in 2008 at the Gender and Science Conference.

Keynote Address

Dr. Mary Ting Yi Lui, Professor of American Studies and History at Yale University, delivered an engaging keynote address titled "Reading Race and Gender in Everyday Landscapes." Dr. Lui is the author of The Chinatown Trunk Mystery: Murder, Miscegenation, and Other Dangerous Encounters in Turn-of-the-Century New York City (Princeton University Press, 2005), which won the "Best Book in History" awarded by the Association of Asian American Studies.

Dr. Mary Ting Yi Lui

Student Panel: En-Gendering Childhood and Adolescence
Chair: Dr. Jennifer Helgren (History)

  • Lynda Lowry: "Threat Level Red: Menstrual Product Advertising and Attitudes About the Body"
  • Andrés Nunez/Emily Redding: "Not Photo Shopped: A Media Literacy Group for Adolescent Girls"
  • Stephanie Douglass: "Toys and Gender Roles"
  • Alicia Still/Monica and Theresa Cortez-Guardado: "Disney Fairytales: More Than Just Harmless Fun"

Student Panel: Real and Imagined Spaces
Chair: Dr. Robert Chester (History)

  • Courtney Frost: "Alone In America.  Representation and Identity of Chinese American Immigrants"
  • Robin Lee/Bethany Mackenzie/Marie-Clare Treseder: "Read It And Weep: The Incidence of Rape in College Campuses"
  • Janani Balasubramaniam: "Negotiating Dualisms: Indigenous Women and Ecofeminism in an Era of Climate Change"
  • Dara Tarawahara: "Shirts vs. Skins: A Content Analysis of Gender in Sports Illustrated Front Covers 1999-2009"

Student Panel: Recalibrating Norms in Math and Science
Chair: Dr. Chris Goff (Math)

  • Nga Tran: "Sarah Flannery: A Mathematical Journey"
  • Lauren Elward: "Escalante: The Best Teacher in America"
  • Keri Woodhouse: "Winnie Cooper says Kiss my Math!"

Student Panel: Sexuality and Embodiment
Chair: Dr. Marcia Hernandez (Sociology)

  • Elena McDonald-Martyn: "Intersex in American Society"           
  • Rachel Westerhoff/Hillary Andrade/Amber Stern: "Effects of Porn"
  • Catherine Collett: "Twentieth Century Female Beauty Standards Affecting the Beauty Paradox of the Twenty-First Century"
  • Charles Syms: "Identities Claimed, Identities Assigned: Transgender Subjectivities in Raymond's The Transsexual Empire and Stone's The Empire Strikes Back"

Student Panel: Morality and Transgression in Film and Literature
Chair: Dr. Andreea Boboc (English)

  • Stephanie Mohr: "Defining National Morality: The Role of Feminine Gender and Space Within Indian Cinema"
  • Jessica Tran: "Day of the Women: Avengers in Rape-Revenge Films and the Fascination of Male Moviegoers"
  • Nicole Chorney: "Literary Portrayals of Immigrant Widows Challenging the Tradition of Subjectivity in Asian American Literature"
  • Alyssa Baldocchi: "Building with the Trowel of Your Pen: A Spatial Reading of Myth, Reality, and Ethos in The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan"

Poster Sessions

  • Jose Lopez: "Femicide in Ciudad Juarez Mexico: United States Making Profit in Ciudad Juarez and Not Taking Responsibility"
  • Mary Xiong and Jeannene Ward-Lonergan: "Earliest Words Produced and Understood by Bilingual Hmong/English Speaking Infants/Toddlers"
  • Charles Syms: "The Making of a Movement: LGBTQ Community Organizing in South Korea"
  • Tara Ignont: "Understanding Racial Inequality in Higher Education"

2010 Conference presentations

Faculty Panel:  Constructions of Identity in Cinema, Visual Culture, and Literature
Chair: Dr. Teresa Bergman (Communication)

  • Dr. Merrill Schleier (Art and Graphic Design/Art History): "Fatal Attraction: Gender, 'Place' and the Korean War in Niagara (1953)"
  • Dr. Diane Borden (English/Film Studies): "Travelogue as Traumalogue: Space, Place and Memory in Hitchcock's Vertigo"
  • Dr. Xiaojing Zhou (English/Ethnic Studies): "Competing Representations of Chinatown: A Raced and Gendered Space"

Best Paper Awards

Stephanie Mohr, Dr. Carrie Schroeder, Nicole Chorney
From left: Stephanie Mohr (Pacific), Dr. Carrie Schroeder (Religious & Classical Studies Professor/Pacific), Nicole Chorney (Stanford)  

Program Details
You can see a complete list of the presentations on the 2010 Conference program.