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Structural Geology & Tectonics Lab

structure labThe Structural Geology & Tectonics Laboratory is located in room 101a of the Pacific Geosciences Center. It is used for the analysis of samples, maps and geophysical data from deformed sedimentary basins. The lab is equipped with fixed and mobile computing equipment including GIS-based field computers, a two-monitor PC with WACOM digitizing tablet, Arc/GIS, and other programs for graphics and structural analysis and interpretation, amd a flatbed scanner.

The Structural Geology & Tectonics Laboratory also is equipped with research-grade Nikon petrographic microscope with very low-power (1x and 2x) objectives for grain-scale strain analysis, a dark field turret for cement overgrowth analysis, and a high-resolution digital camera. The digital camera is controlled by a PC computer that is fully equipped for advanced image analysis.

The lab is also equipped with a full range of field gear to support extended field expeditions, including standard field instruments, GPS receivers, sampling tools, and backpack camping gear.

Please contact Dr. Kurtis Burmiester for access to the lab.