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Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences
Main Gymnasium
Miguel Medrano
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Graduate Courses

HESP 233. Advanced Kinesiology (4) A graduate seminar which considers the musculoskeletal analysis of human movement, posture, exercise prescription, and rehabilitation. Prerequisite: HESP 133, graduate standing or permission of the instructor.

HESP 235. Grad. Nutrition/Exercise Metabolism (4) A thorough study of the principles of nutrition as they relate to health and participation in sport or physical activity. The course includes calculation of energy needs and expenditures, and the role of carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water in sport and physical activity.

HESP 237. Advanced Sport Psychology (4) A graduate seminar designed for advanced students exploring theoretical concepts of psychology as they relate to individual and group behavior in the sport environment. Prerequisites: HESP 137 or equivalent and permission of the instructor.

HESP 239. Advanced Applied Sport Psychology (4) A graduate seminar dealing with the application of psychological theories to sport environments. There will be specific focus on coaching methods and self-monitoring processes for individual athletes. Prerequisites: HESP 139 or equivalent and permission of the instructor.

HESP 241. Advanced Sociology of Sport (4) A graduate seminar dealing with theoretical concepts of sociology related to the American sport environment. This course uses a sociological perspective to provide an appreciation of sport as an integral part of our cultural dynamics. The relationship of sport and other social institutions such as media, economy, politics, and education will be covered, as well as the relationship of sport and social stratification such as gender, race, and class.

HESP 247. Advanced Exercise Physiology (4) Advanced study of physiological responses to exercise with emphasis on laboratory methods and procedure for testing and demonstrating these responses for research application. Prerequisites: HESP 147 or equivalent, and permission of the instructor. Lab fee required.

HESP 248. Applied & Clinical Physiology (4) This course is designed to study the fundamental principles of exercise testing and interpretation for high risk, healthy, and athletic populations. The course is structured to focus on the cardiovascular, metabolic, and pulmonary responses to aerobic exercise and implications for designing training programs for enhancing health, fitness, and performance. This course will serve as a foundation for clinical exercise science and the use of exercise testing in the study of cardiac, metabolic and respiratory pathology. Prerequisite: HESP 147.

HESP 253. Advanced Adapted Physical Education (4) This course provides the culminating learning experience for those teaching credential candidates who are completing the waiver program with an emphasis in adapted physical education. Lab fee required.

HESP 255. Advanced Motor Learning (4) This graduate course examines both the information processing and dynamical systems approaches to the study of human motor behavior and skill acquisition. Content is theoretically and research based with a behavioral emphasis. Topics covered will include: variability and motor control; visual control of action; the role of reflexes; task interference; limitations in information processing, effects of stress on performance, and the Schema theory. It is intended to provide students with an advanced understanding of the conceptual, functional properties of the motor system and human motor performance and their application to teaching, coaching, industrial and therapeutic settings.

HESP 257. Advanced Clinician in Sports Medicine (4) This course integrates theory and practice and requires students to develop a research topic, consistent with an explicitly and narrowly defined area of interest. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

HESP 259. Professional Prep. In Sport Sciences (4) Course is designed for the future professional practitioner who wishes to deliver an effective, meaningful clinical or educational experience to a diverse population and help them sustain it through the knowledge to conceive and plan meaningful programs, the administrative skill to produce an organizational structure within school and/or practicum that optimizes the impact of the program, and the creative energy to link the program to opportunities for children and adults. Students will engage in an in-depth study of the research on teaching and the application of research-based knowledge to the teaching and clinical professions.

HESP 261. Advanced Biomechanics of Sport (4) Advanced study of mechanical principles which influence human movement; both non-cinematographic and cinematographic/videographic techniques are used to analyze and evaluate motor skills and errors in performance; critical evaluation of current research findings in biomechanics. Prerequisite: undergraduate course in kinesiology or biomechanics or permission of the instructor. Lab fee required.

HESP 265. Advanced Sports Law (4) This course addresses legal issues and responsibilities relevant to professionals in the areas of sports medicine, sport management, sport pedagogy and athletics. General legal principles supported by case law in such areas as negligence, contract law, constitutional law, antitrust laws and unlawful discrimination are offered.

HESP 269. Advanced Management of Sport Enterprises (4) A graduate seminar designed to provide for gaining breadth and depth of knowledge about the application of theory and concepts to program and/or agency management not included in the introductory level course.

HESP 272. Advanced Case Analysis in Sport and Fitness Management (4) A graduate seminar designed to provide breadth and depth of topical knowledge beyond that covered in the introductory course.

HESP 274. Adv. Sport Marketing and Promotions (4) An in-depth study of the specific challenges associated with the field of sport and lifestyle marketing. Mainstream marketing theory and principles will be applied to develop an understanding of sport marketing research, sport consumer behavior, sponsorship, promotions, information management, public relations, and the segmentation process.

HESP 275. Advanced Sport Management (4) A seminar designed for advanced students providing in-depth examination/ research of problems unique to sport management, technological developments and trends. Prerequisite: HESP 175 or permission of the instructor.

HESP 279. Research Methods in Sport Sciences (4) An in-depth evaluation of the various methods used in the disciplines of the sport sciences, including experimental, descriptive, qualitative and historical; means of selecting a research problem and planning its solution; important considerations regarding review of the literature; overview of proper form and style in research writing. Student must complete a fully developed Research Proposal as part of this course. Prerequisites: graduate standing and completion of a course in statistics.

HESP 287. Advanced Internship in Sports Medicine (4) An opportunity for qualifying students to work in an area of Sports Medicine that interests them. Prerequisites: HESP 257 and approval of the instructor.

HESP 287a, b. Advanced Internship: Sport Management (4, 4) Professional leadership experience for graduate students. Agency placement is based on student goals and professional leadership background.

HESP 289a. Advanced Practicum: Sport Management (4) This course is designed to provide students with a practical experience in the application of administrative theory. Prerequisite: HESP 169 or SPTS 269.

HESP 289b. Advanced Practicum: Coaching (2-4)

HESP 291. Independent Study (2-4)

HESP 293. Special Topics (3, 4) Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of the instructor.

HESP 297. Independent Research (1-4)

HESP 299. Thesis (4)