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Media X
Kevin Pontuti
Program Director
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


The Media X major brings together an impressive range of faculty talent across the university, combining expertise in film, radio, visual and theatre arts, sound engineering, management and marketing, writing, computer art and design. By building on existing relationships with key industry professionals, our faculty will assist with career placement opportunities for students. 

Program Director

Email icon Kevin Pontuti, 2017; B.F.A., Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, 1990; M.F.A., Syracuse University, 1993.

Art and Graphic Design

Email icon 
Brett DeBoer, 1999, Associate Professor
Webpage - Phone: 209.946-3097 - Office: Art Bldg #1 Rm. 112

Email Link for Daniel Kasser Daniel Kasser, 1984, Professor and Co-Chair
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.3101 - Office: Art Bldg #1 Rm. 113

Email Link for Daniel Kasser Marie Lee, 2009, Associate Professor
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.7323 - Office: Art Bldg #1 Rm. 120

Email Link for Jennifer Little Jennifer Little, 2005, Associate Professor
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.3175 - Office: Art Bldg #1 Rm. 111

email link Monika Meler, 2010, Assistant Professor
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2864 - Office: Art Bldg #1 Rm. 101


Email Link for Professor Qingwen Dong Cynthia Eakin, Associate Professor
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.3919

Email Link for Professor Qingwen Dong Cecilia Ruvalcaba, Assistant Professor
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2627


Email Link for Professor Qingwen Dong Teresa Bergman, 2006, Associate Professor
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.7602

Email Link for Professor Qingwen Dong Qingwen Dong, 1996, Professor and Chair
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.3044 - Office: Psy/Comm Bldg Rm. 3

Engineering and Computer Science

Email icon Dan Cliburn, Professor; B.S., Mathematics and Computer Science, Illinois College, 1997; M.S., Computer Science, University of Kansas, 1999; Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Kansas, 2001.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2093 - Office: Chambers 124  

Email icon Michael Doherty, Associate Professor and Chair, Engineering; B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Florida, 1983; M.S., Computer Science, University of Rhode Island, 1992; Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1998.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.3031 - Office: Chambers 122


Email icon Courtney Lehmann, 1998, Professor, English; B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1991; M.A., Indiana University, 1994; Ph.D., 1998. Member, Phi Beta Kappa.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2609

 John Lessard, 2006, Associate Professor, English; B.A., Rice University, 1997; M.A., University of Pennsylvania 1999; Ph.D., 2006.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.3067 - Office: WPC 139

Email Link for Peter J. Meyer Eric Sonstroem, 2001, Associate Professor; B.A., Wesleyan University, 1988; M.A., Indiana University, 1990; Ph.D., 1999.  
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2619 - Office: WPC 137


 Jennifer Helgren, 2006, Assistant Professor; B.A., University of California at Los Angeles, 1994; M.A., Claremont Graduate University, 1999; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, 2005.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2270 - Office: WPC 230

Modern Languages & Literature

Email icon Jie Lu, 1996, Program Director, Film Studies; Professor, Modern Languages & Literature (Chinese); B.A., Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, Beijing, 1982; M.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1990; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1996.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2917 - Office: WPC-Annex 252

Email icon Traci Roberts-Camps, 2005, Associate Professor, Modern Languages & Literature (Spanish); B.A., Willamette University, 1999; M.A., University of California, Riverside, 2001; Ph.D., 2004.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2343 - Office: WPC-Annex 248


Email icon Robert Coburn, 1993, Professor, Music Composition and Theory; Program Director, Music Composition; B.M., University of the Pacific; M.A., UC Berkeley; Ph.D., University of Victoria in Canada.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2186

Email icon Keith Hatschek, 2001, Program Director, Music Management and Music Industry Studies; B.A., UC Berkeley
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2443

Religious Studies

Email Link for Professor Caroline T. Schroeder 
Caroline T. Schroeder, 2007, Professor; A.B., Brown University, 1993; M.A., Duke University, 1998; Ph.D., 2002. Member, Phi Beta Kappa.
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.3093

Theatre Arts

Email Link for Gary Armagnac Gary Armagnac, 2001, Professor & Director; B.A., Speech and Theatre, Iona College, 1974; M.F.A., Acting and Directing, California State University, Long Beach, 1993. 
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2052 - Office: DeMarcus Brown Studio Theatre Building, Room 6

Email Link for Macelle Mahala Macelle Mahala, 2007, Associate Professor; B.A., Macalester College, 2001; M.A., University of Minnesota, 2004; Ph.D., 2007. 
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2055 - Office: DeMarcus Brown Studio Theatre Building, Room 3

Email Link for Cathie McClellan Cathie McClellan, 2002, Associate Professor; B.A., Brigham Young University, 1975; M.F.A., University of Arizona, 1989. 
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2051 - Office: DeMarcus Brown Studio Theatre Building, Room 3

Email Link for Lisa Tromovitch Lisa Tromovitch, 2005, Associate Professor; B.A., Dartmouth College, 1983; M.F.A., Southern Methodist University. Member, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Webpage - Phone: 209.946.2117 - Office: DeMarcus Brown Studio Theatre Building, Room 3B