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String quartet performing in the DeRosa University Center for other Pacific studentsStudent Chris Hewitt playing piano in Faye Spanos Concert HallBreanne Betourne taking notes in Theory class
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Bachelor of Arts in Music

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Conservatory Admissions
Faye Spanos Concert Hall
Jessica Siena
Head of Conservatory Admissions
Conservatory of Music
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music is designed to emphasize the study of music within a liberal arts curriculum. Degree progress in the
B. A. in Music is highly individualized due to the liberal arts requirement; degree planning is therefore more self-directed than other conservatory degrees. The music student who is considering the B. A. should give serious thought to the direction taken with the liberal arts requirement, choosing courses that can support one or more professional or post-graduate goals whether or not an additional program of study is declared. Students should note that although only 60 units in music count toward the degree, they may of course add whatever other music courses benefit them as long as they have room to meet the remaining requirements. Although the B. A. in Music is not a highly specialized music study, it does provide a breadth of study that can serve as an excellent preparation for graduate study in some areas of music; its adaptability can serve the B. A. graduate with professional flexibility as well.

The music portion of the B. A. is based on the core Conservatory curriculum, taking the same basic sequence in Music Theory, Music History, and Performance as Bachelor of Music students, with some alterations to the applied music requirements. . As the degree requires at least 64 units outside music, the program is ideal for those who want to add a double major, double degree, minor, or pre-professional program to their music study. (NB: the B. A. in music can not be taken as a double major with other conservatory programs. Credits that count toward the liberal arts requirement include Pacific Seminar, GE, applicable transfer credits, credits toward a non-music major/minor/program, and non-music electives).

B.A. Music 4-Year Plan