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Master's of Education in Teaching

The Master of Education program will meet the interests and needs of the following students:
1. Students with a degree in music therapy who wish to acquire a teaching credential before teaching music in the public schools. This program eliminates the necessity of a double undergraduate major and facilitates the possibility of being hired to do music therapy, music education, or a combination in the schools.

2. Students from other colleges or universities who are committed to a fifth-year directed teaching credential program and who wish to continue graduate work in music while earning a University of the Pacific credential and music education master's degree.

3. Students with a Bachelor of Arts degree in music, or Bachelor of Music degree in music composition, performance, history, or business/industry, who wish a teaching credential.

4. Students who want to study music education to teach in private or parochial school settings.

The Master of Education graduate program enables the student to complete most or all of the California Clear Credential through the degree.

Features of the Program include:
- Concentrated coursework with music education faculty, coupled with advanced elective work with music faculty and School of Education faculty.
- Flexibility in electives, allowing each candidate's course of study to be individualized according to needs and interests.
- Possibilities for fieldwork in a diversity of settings, allowing for individualization with "real-life" teaching situations.
- Opportunities to apply research information and techniques to teaching situations.

Program Schedule

The M.M. may be done in four semesters (fall, spring, fall, spring), but also may be done in a shorter period with summer work, depending on the electives chosen. The M.Ed. may be done in a year with two summers of work, with the directed teaching units following in the second year. Directed teaching may be done as traditional student teaching (one semester, full-time, with a host teacher, no pay), as an internship if Video Microrehearsal Techniques are taken (one year, full-time, as a contracted teacher, full pay), or as a part-time student teacher if Video Microrehearsal Techniques are taken (one semester, part-time, with host teacher, no pay).

Graduate Assistantships

The Conservatory of Music and School of Education have some graduate assistantships available, and candidates who would like to be considered for a graduate assistantship should contact the Dr. Ruth Brittin, chair of music education, at (209) 946-2408 for more details.

Music Education Faculty

Ruth V. Brittin
Associate Professor of Music Education, 1997.
Ph.D. Florida State University, Tallahassee;
B.M., M.M. Texas Tech University.

Eric Hammer
Director of Band Activities and Associate Professor of Music Education, 1993.
D.M.A., 1994; M.M., 1990, University of Oregon;
B.M., University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music, 1973.