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Conservatory Composers' Club

The Composers' Club is an organization of students and faculty committed to the support and promotion of new music on campus. Its primary activity is the presentation of two concerts annually featuring the music of Conservatory composition majors. Composition majors are automatically admitted to the Composers' Club as active members.

The Composers' Club Concerts

Each semester composition majors in the Conservatory are placed with an ensemble for which they compose a new work. The ensembles include amongst others:

  • solos
  • duos
  • trios
  • string quartet
  • wind quintet
  • saxophone quartet
  • brass quintet
  • percussion ensemble
  • vocal ensembles - solo and choral
  • computer music

Performances of these works are presented on the Composers' Club Concerts each semester. These concerts are recorded and burned to CD so that by the end of his or her study each student has a portfolio of recordings and scores representing the creative work completed at UOP.

During the senior year each student composer writes and presents a major work for large ensemble. Many different ensemble groupings are possible for this work. In the past students have written for orchestra, wind ensemble, and choir accompanied by large ensemble. Composers' Club often assists in the production of these large-scale works.

Other activities

Funds are available on campus for activities related to the goals and interests of each club. The Composers' Club has organized several activities including:

  • sponsoring events that bring composers and performers of new music to campus
  • assisting in the organization of the annual composers' dinner
  • planning trips to concerts and museums in San Francisco
  • organizing social activities of special interest to the group