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“Having the opportunity to travel abroad was incredible. I was able to gain perspectives that I would not have been able to get any other way.” 
-Kevin Turco, MBA

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Christopher Lozano
Director of Student Recruitment
Eberhardt School of Business
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Global Business Competition

At the Eberhardt School, studying abroad is just one way we prepare you to understand business in global markets. You will travel overseas with your cohort and faculty member(s) as part of the required MBA Global Business Competition course. In recent years, groups from Pacific have traveled to the following international locations:

Istanbul, Turkey Panama City, Panama
Shanghai, China Paris, France
Dublin, Ireland San Jose, Costa Rica
Helsinki, Finland Taipei, Taiwan
Hong Kong Talinn, Estonia
London, England Toulouse, France
Lyon, France Madrid, Spain
Singapore (Scheduled for Summer 2018)

BUSI 268. Global Business Competition (3) 
Today, all levels of business operations are becoming global. Business people must consider additional parameters when they enter the global sphere. The rules of the game such as laws, customs, theories, and business practices may be different. This course works on business problems and strategies within the global environment in which U.S. businesses compete. The key objective of this course is to analyze the operation of global firms, to analyze various types of entry strategies into foreign countries, impacts on host and home countries, and the powerful flexibility of global systems. Prerequisite: BUSI 211 or BUSI 255 with a "B" or better or permission of instructor and the MBA Director.