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Christopher Lozano
Director of Student Recruitment
Eberhardt School of Business
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


With Entrepreneurship electives, you can learn how to recognize and capitalize on opportunities in today's dynamic global marketplace. Thriving in ever-changing and fast-growing markets is key to a successful entrepreneur, whether in large companies or small businesses. Several recent special topics courses have focused on some of the many emerging opportunities in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Electives

    • BUSI 221. Entrepreneurial Finance (3) An in-depth analysis of the financial issues facing a business start-up. Specific attention is paid to the acquisition of financing for new ventures and the financial management of new and growing businesses. Prerequisite: BUSI 211.
    • BUSI 272. Entrepreneurship (3) This course will provide an experiential introduction to the creation of a new business enterprise. Building upon mentor experiences, internship and work experiences and the use of selected guest speakers, the course will focus on writing a business plan that could be presented to a venture capitalist (or other source) for funding. Topics will include the traits of successful entrepreneurs, generating business opportunities, screening opportunities, "the window of opportunity," the venture team, family businesses, management/marketing/financial skills needed, "intrapreneurship," etc. Prerequisite: BUSI 211.
    • BUSI 275. Technology and Innovation (3) The process of taking science and technology to the marketplace has taken on strategic importance to company leadership in many industries. This course will provide students with concepts, frameworks and tools for managing technology and innovation. How can companies identify the major developments in science and technology that will affect them directly and indirectly? What avenues are available for maintaining technological leadership, and how can they be integrated into a company's overall objectives? What global strategies are available for developing technology and taking it to the marketplace? Prerequisite: BUSI 211.
    • BUSI 293. Special Topics (1-4)