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Christopher Lozano
Director of Student Recruitment
Eberhardt School of Business
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Students taking electives in finance typically consider a career in investments, portfolio management, and corporate finance. The finannce electives includes advanced training in portfolio management, venture capital, corporate treasury management, and international financial management. One of the more popular electives is the student investment fund course which allows a small select group of Eberhardt students to manage a large portfolio of investments in today's volatile stock market using Bloomberg technology.

Finance Electives:

  • BUSI 221. Entrepreneurial Finance (3) An in-depth analysis of the financial issues facing a business start-up. Specific attention is paid to the acquisition of financing for new ventures and the financial management of new and growing businesses. Prerequisite: BUSI 211.
  • BUSI 222. Student Investment Fund (3) Student Investment Fund (SIF) is operated entirely by students, allowing them to gain hands-on, real world experience in managing an investment fund with substantial market value. Students perform sector analyses as well as financial analyses of a wide array of securities, and as a group have to determine the fund's sector allocation and stock/bond/cash allocation. SIF, while maintaining a well-diversified portfolio, strives to outperform the market (S&P 500). Prerequisite: BUSI 211 and permission of instructor.
  • BUSI 223. Investment Management (3) This course teaches students a set of analytical tools necessary to evaluate the profitability of a vast array of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, options and financial futures. Prerequisite: BUSI 211.
  • BUSI 226. Financial Statement Analysis (3) This course will familiarize students with the types of financial statements and analysis processes used by bankers and analysts. This course also will provide students with a basic understanding of the many issues bankers and analysts face in understanding a company through its financial statements. Prerequisite: BUSI 211 or permission of associate dean.
  • BUSI 263. International Finance (3) This course provides students with a conceptual framework for analyzing key financial decisions faced by multinational corporations. The major focus of this class will be on spot exchange markets, forward exchange markets, the balance of payments, exchange rate determinations, hedging strategies, financing alternatives, transfers of international payments, and international bonds and equites investment and diversification. Prerequisite: BUSI 211