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Christopher Lozano
Director of Student Recruitment
Eberhardt School of Business
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Product management, marketing research, relationship management, and value chain management are just some of the knowledge areas open to students who complete the Marketing electives. Students looking at marketing electives typically practice marketing in a vast array of companies including high technology companies, consumer durable and nondurable industries, supply chain organizations, and services.

Marketing Electives

    • BUSI 241. Marketing Research (3) A study of concepts and techniques useful in the solution of marketing problems and in the identification of marketing opportunities. Emphasis is given to the design of information acquisition and to the evaluation and interpretation of research findings. Prerequisite: BUSI 211.
    • BUSI 246. Marketing of Services (3) This class explores the theory and strategies that drive service consumption. Students will be exposed to the unique characteristics of marketing services, including the importance of the physical environment to service encounter success; the creation of customer satisfaction; the delivery of service quality and value; and the development of strategies to overcome service failure. Prerequisite: BUSI 211.
    • BUSI 247. Consumer Behavior (3) This interdisciplinary course discusses the customer as the focus of the marketing system. Knowledge about the customer behavior, obtained through the application of a series of analytic frameworks and tools, is presented as the basis for marketing decisions at both the strategic and tactical levels. Central focus of the course is the analysis of customer decision-making processes and an understanding of the customer activity cycle or consumption chain. Methods to build customer satisfaction and loyalty through relationship marketing are stressed. Prerequisite: BUSI 211.
    • BUSI 293. Special Topics (1-4)