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Christopher Lozano
Director of Student Recruitment
Eberhardt School of Business
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Sport Management

The electives in Sport Management are offered through the Sports Sciences department and prepare students for management and leadership positions in the rapidly expanding sport and fitness industries. These electives provide training and experiential learning opportunities for students pursuing management careers with professional sports franchises, intercollegiate athletic departments, intramural and recreational sports programs, as well as, health and fitness clubs.

Sport Management Electives:

  • SPTS 265. Advanced Sports Law (4) This course addresses legal issues and responsibilities relevant to professionals in the areas of sports medicine, sport management, sport pedagogy and athletics. General legal principles supported by case law in such areas as negligence, contract law, constitutional law, antitrust laws and unlawful discrimination are offered.
  • SPTS 269. Advanced Management of Sport Enterprises (4) The purpose of this class is to prepare graduate students to lead in the unique business environment of sport. The unique governance structure of intercollegiate athletics and professional sports will be presented. Students will then develop a multi-frame approach to management of sport organizations. Students will also explore the subjective nature of leadership to develop a style best suited for sport. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of applied research using leadership and management theories.
  • SPTS 274. Advanced Sport Marketing and Promotions (4) An in-depth study of the unique nature of sport marketing that focuses on three areas. Students will learn how to market sport products and events. The course will explore the many mechanisms through which sport is used as a marketing tool. Finally, students will learn to gain maximum benefit from the relationship between sport and the media.
  • SPTS 275. Advanced Sport Management (4) This class provides graduate students with the knowledge base necessary to lead the mega-events and manage multipurpose and single-use facilities common in sport. The first portion of the course will be devoted to event planning, marketing and execution. The second part of the course will focus on the planning, design and maintenance of sports facilities. Special attention will be given to the environmental impact of sporting events and facilities.
  • SPTS 287A/B. Advanced Internship: Sport Management (4) Professional leadership experience for graduate students. Agency placement is based on student goals and professional leadership background.