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Eberhardt School of Business

University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

PharmD/MBA Alternative Plan of Study

Year One - PharmD Only

 Fall | 19 units

PharmD: Pharmacy Practice & Professionalism
PharmD: Dispensing, Compounding & Calculations
PharmD: Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry
PharmD: Physical Pharmacy & Dosage Forms
PharmD: Non-prescription Therapy & Self-care
PharmD: Practicum I

Spring | 18 units

PharmD: Informatics, Statistics & Research Design
PharmD: Physiology & Pathophysiology I
PharmD: Physiology & Pathophysiology II
PharmD: Drug Metabolism & Disposition
PharmD: Community I: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience

Summer | 16 units

PharmD: Pharmacokinetics & Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
PharmD: Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry I
PharmD: Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry II
PharmD: Practicum II
PharmD: Geriatrics: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience


Year Two - PharmD/MBA

 Fall | 20 units

PharmD: Physiology & Pathophysiology III
PharmD: Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry III
PharmD: Therapeutics I: Neuro-Psychiatry
PharmD: Therapeutics II: GI/ Hepatic/ Nutrition
PharmD: Hospital: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
MBA: Healthcare Management Course (3)

Spring | 16-19 units

PharmD: Pharmacoeconomics, Benefits & Outcomes
PharmD: Therapeutics III: Cardiology
PharmD: Therapeutics IV: Renal/ Respiratory
PharmD: Therapeutics VII: Endocrine/ Musculoskeletal
PharmD: Practicum III
MBA: Healthcare Management Course (3)*

Summer | 14 Units

PharmD: Pharmacy Management
PharmD: Therapeutics V: Infectious Disease
PharmD: Therapeutics VI: Oncology/ Transplantation
PharmD: Pharmacy Law & Ethics
PharmD: Practicum IV
PharmD: Healthcare Outreach: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience


Year Three - MBA Only

 Fall | 18 units

MBA: Applied Business Principles for Pharmacy (Seven 6-8 week modules covering core business concepts) - (14 units)
MBA: Health Economics (4)

Spring | 15-18 units

MBA: Health Finance: Health Insurance (3)
MBA: Global Strategic Marketing (3)
MBA: Entrepreneurial Management (3)
MBA: Managing Quality and Productivity (3)
MBA: Strategic Management (3)
MBA: Healthcare Management Course (3)*

Summer | 3 units

MBA: Global Business Competition (Overseas) (3)
MBA: Business Internship (Recommended)


Year Four - PharmD Only

 Fall | 18 units

PharmD: Internal Medicine: Applied Pharmacy Practice Experience
PharmD: Ambulatory Care: Applied Pharmacy Practice Experience
PharmD: Elective Applied Pharmacy Practice Experience I

Spring | 18 units

PharmD: Hospital: Applied Pharmacy Practice Experience
PharmD: Community Pharmacy: Applied Pharmacy Practice Experience
PharmD: Elective Applied Pharmacy Practice Experience II


Study for and Pass Licensing Exams

*The final Healthcare Management course may be taken either of the two designated semesters.