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Cynthia Eakin
Interim Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Accounting
Eberhardt School of Business
Weber Hall Suite 208
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Curriculum

In addition to the general education courses required by the University, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting curriculum requires a set of preprofessional skills courses in the areas of communication, mathematics and economics. Many of these courses also satisfy certain general education requirements. Students also progress through a series of courses in core business areas such as accounting, management, marketing and finance. In their junior year, students begin their intermediate accounting studies, and end the program with a series of advanced accounting courses including auditing, advanced financial accounting, cost accounting, and income tax accounting.

Preprofessional Skills
Skills in writing, communications, quantitative methods, computers, and economics are basic to a professional education in accounting. The exact sequence of these courses taken by students depends upon the results of placement tests in mathematics and writing. All Eberhardt students must consult with their faculty advisors before registering. The following preprofessional skills courses are required:

BUSI 23 Business Communications
COMM 27 Public Speaking
MATH 45 Introduction to Finite Mathematics and Calculus
MATH 37 Probability and Statistics
COMP 25 Computers and Information Processing
ECON 53 Microeconomics
ECON 55 Macroeconomics

Business Core Courses
The core course requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree include the Deans' Seminar (required only for entering freshmen), the junior level Career Development Seminar, and the following courses:

BUSI 31 Principles of Financial Accounting
BUSI 33 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUSI 53 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BUSI 100 Management Information Systems
BUSI 104 Operations Management
BUSI 105 Financial Management
BUSI 107 Marketing Management
BUSI 109 Management and Organizational Behavior
BUSI 181 Strategic Management and Policy

Upper Division Accounting and Law Courses
BUSI 111 Accounting Information Systems
BUSI 112 Computer Skills for Accountants
BUSI 113a Intermediate Accounting I
BUSI 113b Intermediate Accounting II
BUSI 113c Advanced Accounting
BUSI 115 Income Tax Accounting
BUSI 117 Cost Accounting
BUSI 119 Auditing
BUSI 157 Commercial Law