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Sample Schedule of Classes

The following outline is an example of how an entering freshman may proceed through the Bachelor of Science program in one of the core area concentrations.

Freshman Year Fall Semester

BUSI 10 - Deans' Seminar
ECON 53 - Microeconomics
MATH 45 - Introduction to Finite Mathematics and Calculus
PACS I - Pacific Seminar I
General Education Course

Freshman Year Spring Semester

BUSI 53 - Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
ECON 55 -Macroeconomics
ENGL 25 - Topics in English Studies or BUSI 23-Business Communications
PACS II - Pacific Seminar II

Sophomore Year Fall Semester

COMP 25 - Computers and Information Processing
COMM 27 - Public Speaking
BUSI 31 - Principles of Financial Accounting
General Education Course

Sophomore Year Spring Semester

BUSI 33 - Principles of Managerial Accounting
MATH 37 - Probability and Statistics
BUSI 100 - Management Information Systems
General Education Course

Junior Year Fall Semester

BUSI 105 - Financial Management
BUSI 107 - Marketing Management
BUSI 110 - Career Development Seminar
Free Elective
Free Elective

Junior Year Spring Semester

BUSI 104 - Operations Management
BUSI 109 - Management and Organizational Behavior
Free Elective
Free Elective

Senior Year Fall Semester

Business Administration Concentration Course
Business Administration Concentration Course
PACS III - Pacific Seminar III
Free Elective

Senior Year Spring Semester

Business Administration Concentration Course
Business Administration Concentration Course (International)
BUSI 181 - Strategic Management and Policy
Free Elective


  1. Most of the courses listed for fall or spring may be taken either semester.
  2. The Deans' Seminar is required of all entering Eberhardt freshmen.
  3. All prerequisites must be met before students may enroll in any course.
  4. Students taking any course numbered above BUSI 100 must have junior class standing (56 units).
  5. Students in the Accounting, Economics or in Arts and Entertainment Management concentrations begin their concentration courses earlier.
  6. A student must receive a grade of "C" or better in any core course which is a prerequisite before taking a related concentration course.
  7. The Career Development Seminar is required of all junior business majors.