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What is a Great Internship

What is a Great Internship?

The Academic Internship program at Eberhardt School of Business provides a formal plan for students to work in a professional environment enhancing their learning while providing valuable help to employers. Guided by a faculty supervisor and mentored by a professional on-site supervisor, students gain knowledge and experience that goes beyond the classroom. The employer benefits from well trained part-time workers, who are eager to work, learn and grow. The University and the employer work as partners to develop a meaningful learning experience for the student.

Who Benefits?

The Academic Internship forms a triangle between the participants, each of whom benefits from the partnership.

Academic Internship Triangle

Building a Great Internship - Suggestions for Employers

Employers can expand their employee applicant pool and fill short term employment needs while providing an excellent opportunity to student interns. Following are some suggestions to help create an effective internship experience. One or more of these suggestions may work for your internship program.

  • Design the internship experience around a project to be completed, rather than daily tasks.
  • Plan for interaction between all levels of staff and management with the intern.
  • Orient the intern to the site including appropriate attire, reporting structure, work space, and time management.
  • Acquaint the intern with hiring managers in areas of professional interest to the student.
  • Create opportunities for the intern to interact socially with other interns or full-time employees to develop comfortable workplace relationships.
  • Provide the intern access to training that increases their job-related skills as part of their responsibilities.
  • Give the intern opportunities to create a portfolio of work materials to demonstrate their accomplishments.
  • Encourage the intern to develop a network of professional contacts within the company and among clientele.
  • Opportunity to evaluate talent for future full-time employment needs.