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FAX 209.946.2586
Margaret Roberts
Career Management Center
Eberhardt School of Business
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Resume and Cover Letter Help

Need to get your résumé and cover letter in order for presentation to recruiters and employers? Start by reviewing this resume cheat sheet, Use it as a guideline to begin drafting your resume and feel free to "borrow" the format of the sample resume shown on page 2 of the document.

Keep these following tips in mind during your drafting process:

Recruiters look for certain qualities that indicate your potential for success in their company. The qualities you want to communicate with your résumé are:

  • Leadership (student clubs/organizations/fraternities/sororities)
  • Work Ethic (continuous employment/part-time jobs/internships)
  • Passion (volunteerism/activism/sports)
  • Academic Achievement (GPA, scholarships, honor societies)

Other important tips:

  • Use an active voice (not first person)
  • Quantify your contributions and accomplishments, don't simply describe responsibilities
  • Keep it to one page!

Next Steps:

  • After drafting your resume, review and check the draft for errors.
  • Allow yourself some time to reflect upon your draft. Many times, you will later think of other adjustments and information your want to add to the draft.
  • Make an appointment with the Career Resource Center or the Eberhardt Career Management Center to have your resume professionally reviewed
  • Once all of the final adjustments have been made, upload your resume to Tiger Jobs.

CRC Resume Guide  Cover Letter Guide