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Heidi Stevenson

Associate Professor


Phone: 209.946.2681


Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara Education: Teaching and Learning, 2004

M.A. in Ed., Chapman University Education: Curriculum and Instruction, 2001

B.A., University of California, Davis Psychology, 1995

"School was never like this" was graffiti I spotted scrawled on the streets of San Francisco.

With the current emphasis on standardized testing to determine if schools are effective and if students are  learning in K-12 education, seeing this graffiti affirms my vision of what schools should and could be  like.  I am committed to model teaching for pre-service educators and conduct educational research that  supports students of all ages and diverse backgrounds in leading successful lives in and outside of school.  Whether teaching elementary school or college students, I engage them in higher-level thinking and  decision-making in order to provide students with ownership of, and enthusiasm for, their education.In the educational technology courses I teach at Pacific, computers are not used as glorified worksheets  nor is technology seen as a standalone subject.  The students and I co-create a vision that understands technology as a tool to be integrated across all  areas of a multicultural curriculum in an effort to promote the synthesis and application of knowledge.My current research interests lie in the growing field of teacher emotional self-regulation.  I believe that if teachers value understanding and managing their own emotions, they can better assist  students in developing emotional awareness.  Gaining insights on how emotions may affect interactions with themselves and others, students are  prepared to excel in academic, occupational, social, and personal arenas.  I feel that providing a multicultural education that develops higher-level thinking skills and emotional  regulation in students of all ages, will contribute not only to the well-being of students as individuals,  but also to the success of society at large.


  • Educational Technology
  • Teacher Regulation of Emotion
  • Educational Psychology
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Teachers' Educational Purposes
  • Multicultural Education
  • Professional Development of Educators


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