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"At the Benerd School of Education, everybody is super friendly and always excited to see you. The faculty and staff are helpful and genuine."

Program: Educational and School Psychology                   Hometown: Loomis, CA

What drew you most to the Benerd School of Education?
I was drawn to the atmosphere. The School of Ed carries such a powerful sense of family and community. I've always been greeted with open arms and open minds and that's what I try to give back to the students I meet as well. It's easy to feel at home here (and not just because we spend so many hours in this building- it truly is because of the people who are here with us). 

After graduation what are your career plans?
I plan on working as a School Psychologist in the Sacramento region. Long term I would love to develop a social skills intervention or program for students with learning disabilities. I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead of me and know that I am prepared for my future with the skills I've gained at the Benerd School of Education

As a student, what do you feel is unique about your program?
My program, the Educational and School Psychology program, is remarkably unique in the fact that as students we are expected to complete fieldwork beginning in our first year of the program. We are exposed to the field of school psychology for two or three years (depending on the degree you're completing) before we are expected to go on internship. I know this sets us apart from other programs in our field and it is one of the reasons I love it here! Another unique aspect of our program is our faculty. Our faculty is some of the most qualified, distinguished and intelligent individuals I've ever met. They are always open to helping and guiding us and I appreciate that about them beyond words. Finally, our administrative assistant, Melinda Leal, is the true shining star of our program. She is the glue that keeps us all together and has taught me so much about staying humble, being kind to all people, and always being willing to lend a helping hand.

What are your favorite activities to do outside of school? 
Outside of school I love to spend time with my family, sing, participate and watch theater performances, and read. My favorite book is "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck and one of my favorite musicals is "In the Heights." Overall, my family is my inspiration and my safe haven. 

How has your graduate assistantship benefitted your experience at Benerd?
My GA position has allowed me the opportunity to help my faculty in more ways than just in the classroom. I do my best to help them in and around the office as much as possible. I've been able to learn about our department from a professional angle (as well as a student angle) and I've come to appreciate the constant work being done by our faculty and staff. Sometimes I arrive early in the morning and there is always people here working. I am amazed at how dedicated and humble our staff members are, and I've really been able to appreciate them differently as a GA, acting as an employee alongside them. I've been able to learn about opportunities in the School of Education that may be overlooked by other students simply because I am here for so many hours a week. I always do my best to act as a liaison between my fellow students and encourage them and inform them about opportunities that arise. I do this because I believe I have been blessed with this position and want to give back as much as I can to the faculty, staff, and students. I truly have been honored to hold my graduate assistantship and will be forever grateful to my department for keeping me here as long as I've been in the program. They have changed my life for the better and I am simply humbled to have gotten to know them. 

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