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"Our courses are designed to do so much more than relay content. At Benerd we want to mold the next generation of teacher-leaders."

Department: Curriculum + Instruction                        Title: Assistant Professor

What influenced you to become a professor?
My passion has always been early childhood science education. As a kindergarten teacher, I felt like I was able to reach the 20 children in my classroom. As a professor, I hope to reach a broader audience by inspiring future teachers to see the magic and wonder of science and mathematics and pass that passion onto their future students.

What do you love most about working with the students at Benerd?
Their passion and desire to be the best teacher that they can become.  Our courses are designed to do so much more than relay content. We want to mold the next generation of teacher-leaders.  It is always exciting to watch our students connect with that mission and strive for self improvement beyond getting an "A". 

Can you describe a moment of inspiration that came from a student or a class discussion?
Last semester, I had several students return to me for assistance/materials in teaching a science lesson during their student teaching.  It inspires me to know that I may have got them excited about science and, more importantly, that they are going to expose a group of young students to the wonder of science!

What is one fun fact about yourself?
I am a certified SCUBA diver who is aching to get back into the water . . . Tough to go diving living in the central valley!

Can you talk a little bit about the research you are involved in?
My most recent project involved developing a curriculum that aided middle school teacher integrating science, math, and English into meaningful units.  We looked at how this process impacted teacher self efficacy and student achievement.

Curriculum + Instruction
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