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Computer Science
Chambers Technology Center 127
Kathy Libres
Administrative Assistant
School of Engineering & Computer Science
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


The Computer Science Department provides undergraduate education in computer science which features current and emerging technologies and experiential learning. The quality programs prepare students to contribute to the computing profession upon graduation, provide a basis for continued study, graduate study, and growth in their fields.  The Computer Science Program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Computer Science Program (BS) Objectives

  • Graduates will employ design skills and technical knowledge that contributes to building or utilizing computing systems in a variety of professional careers.
  • Graduates work effectively in team environments, utilize communication skills, and grow and adapt to the world of evolving technology.

Computer Science Program (BS) Outcomes
Students who complete the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Science will have acquired:

a. An ability to analyze a proposed computing application and to define and document the computing requirements appropriate for a solution to the application.
b. An ability to design computing systems of varying complexity, to evaluate the designs in terms of specified requirements, and to understand the design tradeoffs.
c. An ability to develop computing systems of varying complexity in accordance with specified designs and to evaluate the systems in terms of specified requirements.
d. An ability to apply elements of mathematics, computer science theory, development methodologies and other foundational knowledge as appropriate in the development of computing applications.
e. An ability to select and effectively use appropriate tools and techniques to support all stages of application development.
f. An ability to engage in self-learning and an understanding of the necessity for continuous learning.
g. An ability to function effectively in team projects.
h. An ability to apply good communication skills in a variety of media.
i. An understanding of their professional, ethical and social responsibilities and an ability to analyze the impact of computing on individuals, organizations and society.

Computer Science Undergraduate Enrollment and Degrees Awarded

Academic Year Enrollment Awarded Degrees
2017-2018 166
2016-2017 149 30
2015-2016 155 47
2014-2015 151 25
2013-2014 144 37