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School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
Kathleen Hastings
School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Global Nomads

Are you a Global Nomad?

Someone who has grown up in several different countries? If so, we believe we are just the school YOU are looking for!

If someone asks you where your home is and you answer "When?" or "Which home?" you are probably a Global Nomad, someone who has grown up in different parts of the world, usually because of your parents’ mobile professions. Or you may be like our student Josh, whose parents are American but who grew up entirely in just one other country, Tanzania. He is a Global Nomad, too.

You are part of a very special undergraduate population, with valuable perspectives and needs — needs that are unlike those of the average U.S. college student. We understand that. We’ve been working with Global Nomads for a very long time and have a program of study to meet your needs.  Our undergraduate degree program is designed to prepare you for international life in the 21st century world, in a setting which you can really call "home."

The Curriculum Offers Two-Tracks for Global Nomads

  • Regular Track - Students complete all of the degree requirements for one of the four majors (International Relations, Global Studies, and International Affairs and Commerce) in the School of International Studies. This regular course of study includes language study and study abroad.  Many Global Nomads have completed this course of study and have gone on to successful careers both domestic and foreign. However, although the curriculum is intellectually demanding, internationally-focused, and challenging regardless of one's cultural background, the "Regular Track" may not fulfill all of the psychological, practical, or academic needs of every Global Nomad. 
  • Mirror Image Track - Alternative degree track where the Global Nomad student is treated exactly like an "international" student. Similar to our non-U.S. International students (including domestic students from refugee populations), Global Nomads would choose one of the four majors in SIS and then concentrate on courses about the U.S.