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School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
Kathleen Hastings
School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Development and Cultural Change Major

The Development and Cultural Change major is designed for students with a particular interest in international development issues. In addition to the CORE Requirements and General Education Requirements, students take some additional coursework in Economics, as well as courses focusing on questions of development from a range of disciplinary perspectives. This major focuses on preparing students for careers and graduate work in development and international aid.

Core Requirements

INTL 10 Director's Seminar (for 1st year students only)
INTL 77 Contemporary World Issues
INTL 81 Perspectives on World History
INTL 101 International Research Methods
ANTH 53 Cultural Anthropology or ANTH 54 Antropologia cultural
POLS 11 Intro Political Science or POLS 151 Comparative Politics
ECON 53 Intro Microeconomics
INTL 113 World Geography)
INTL 151 Cross Cultural Training I
INTL 161 Cross Cultural Training II
INTL 185 SIS Capstone
Competence in a modern language as demonstrated by successful completion of 4 semesters of a modern foreign language or the equivalent competence  
One semester (successful completion of 12-18 units) in a Pacific approved Education Abroad program

Major Requirements

INTL 105 Globalization, the US and the World
ECON 055 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON 071 Global Economic Issues

One course from the following:
MATH 037 Introduction to Statistics and Probability
MATH 051 Calculus I
ECON 190 Econometrics

Three courses from the following: 1
ECON 125 Economic Development
POLS 150 Political Development
INTL 165 Development, Modernization and Cultural Change
ANTH 134 Anthropology of Africa, OR ANTH 164 Anthropology of Food, OR ANTH 170 Culture & Economy, OR ANTH 172 Culture and Power
INTL/ANTH 197 Independent Research
NOTE: A student in this major is strongly encouraged to study abroad in a developing country.
A maximum of one Anthropology course may count toward this requirement