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School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
Kathleen Hastings
School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Internships - SIS Seniors

Shani Boyd

English Teacher in Tulancingo, Mexico - Summer 2014

Thomas Hennig, Jr.

Port of Stockton, Marketing, Operations and the Historical Research departments - Summer 2014

Tanner O'Donnell

Customer Service intern at Zerve, an online platform for buying and selling tickets worldwide

Makayla Quinn

Interned at the International Division of the California Chamber of Commerce in Sacramento

Miah Brouhard

Interned for two summers at Bristlecone Holdings, a start up financing company in Reno, NV

Joseph Butler

University of Central Florida, an outreach and communications internship for Death Penalty Focus, and a Research Analyst internship at the Center for Business and Policy Research in the Eberhardt School of Business

Kaya Dantzler

Internship with Nathan Associates, an international economic development consulting firm in the Washington, DC area

Gabriela Fernandez Garibay

Internship with SIS alum Samuel Baumer on immigration issues at the Working People's Law Center in Los Angeles, CA

Kate Fisher

Internship at the Prayas Juvenile Aid Center in Delhi, India

Vanessa Fuentes

Interned at the International Division of the California Chamber of Commerce and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund both in Sacramento

Laurel Klafehn

Interned at Youth Empowering Stockton, known as Project YES

Samantha Kong

Internship in Sacramento at the California Department of Public Health in the Office of Health Equity as well as the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, Taiwan

Megan Phelps

Northern CA World Trade Center in Sacramento as well as Moroch Partners; a marketing and communications agency in Dallas, Texas and at USAID in the Development Credit Authority as a communications intern

Jimmy Phillips

Internships at Hammersmith and Fulham Citizens Advice Bureau, an independent charity that provides information, education and advice service to help people solve problems as well as interning at the Working People's Law Center on Immigration issues in Los Angeles area

Deidre Graham

Interned at the International Division of the California Chamber of Commerce in Sacramento

Kailynn Hennessy

Interned with the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and Shell in Shanghai, China

Karina Sanchez

Volunteered at Juegoteka and after school program in Buenos Aries


Daniel Episcope with Nick Cannon & Mary Wong

Deidre Graham and Valeria Sanabia held an internship with the California Chamber of Commerce where they helped organize the Governor's July trade mission to Mexico. 

Alexandria Solari held an internship with the Lodi Chamber of Commerce assisting in hosting Chinese delegations and managing volunteer groups and inventory for the Lodi Farmer's Market. She also was the lead media and project coordinator for Gayaldo International's State Department and Northern California World Trade Center's inbound Moldovan agri-tourism delegation.  

Shannon M. Chapman interned at Bamboo Finance in San Francisco where she worked on a fund development campaign for CareCross-South Africa's leading healthcare provider to traditionally uninsurable low-income workers. She also was a summer associate with Ashoka US in Washington DC. She authored a comprehensive candidate development strategy for the environmental initiative leading to a 75% increase in environmental nominations.  

Michael Eklund was a human resources intern at Towers Watson in Madrid, Spain.  

Daniel Episcope was North American Retail Intern with Office Depot, Irvine, CA and Boca Raton, FL. He drafted, implemented and measured the impact of a local and national marketing rollout strategy. Daniel participated in the Backpack Initiative, a side project with the Office Depot Foundation and Nick Cannon from America's Got Talent.  8,000 sackpacks containing essential school supplies were donated to kids served by nonprofit organizations, schools and agencies in the Los Angeles area. Daniel is pictured above: (L- Nick Cannon, C-Mary Wong, President of Office Depot Foundation, R- Daniel Episcope).   

James Follett interned with INJAZ al-Arab (Junior Achievement Worldwide) in Amman, Jordan. Hermilo Garcia interned at Alana Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil translating documents in Portuguese to English and Spanish.  

Michele Gonzalez was a constituent affairs intern for the office of Governor Jerry Brown.  

Courtney Hudgens interned at the International Rescue Committee as a resettlement and placement intern.  

Anna Rubianes was a legal intern at the law office of Dianne Drew Butler and Associates.

Sonam Virk held a research internship at the International Center of Terrorism Studies at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, Arlington VA.  

Chelsea Wood was an intake intern at Healthcare for the Homeless, Tacoma Washington.  





Job Description

Rebecca Allen

Center for the Study of the Built Environment in Amman, Jordan


Worked on Bike Path Project

Alexandra Barnett

Hospital Carlos Luis Valverde Vega in Costa Rica


Assisted in surgery and medical home visits

Kiel Batanian

Taggart Global Sourcing in Beijing, China


Quality Control Intern

Caitlin McGavran

Brazos de Amor in Nicaragua


Taught English to elementary school children

Khatijah Corey

Skills English Institute and Museum of Fine Arts at Palacio Ferreyra in Argentina


Taught English to High School students  and was a Guide & Translator at the Museum

Julianne Golingan

InterVaristy Christian Fellowship in Stockton, CA


Ministry Intern

Sarah Herrera

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Stockton, CA


Marketing Intern

Kathryn Loper

International Sanctuary in Los Angeles, CA


Promoted jewelry made by survivors of human trafficking

Heather Pugh

ConQuito in Ecuador and Ministry of Moroccans Residing Abroad in Morocco


ConQuito - supported Entrepreneur Ventures and at the Ministry of Morocco  website development - translating on their website French to English

Morgan Stonefelt

Ecology In Action - Mendocino, CA

Summer 2013

Assisted with farm design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of daily work.  Researched sustainability and agriculture innovations .

Chris Tasaka

Canterbury English School in Spain


Taught English





Job Description

Carl Bachmann

Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals

France & Idaho

Spring 2011

Assisted with everyday logistics and work as an interpreter where needed with Portuguese, Japanese and French. 

David Banks

Bedouk a Marketing Firm in France

Summer 2011

Promoting luxury French hotels to meeting planners in the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom

Karelli Cabral

Moises Bertoni Foundation in Paraguay and TEDx San Joaquin

May - November 2011

TEDx San Joaquin

Summer 2011

Moises Bertoni Foundation - Paraguay

TEDx San Joaquin -

Co-Organizer - Convened a group of 16 visionary leaders in social entrepreneurship, science, technology, and arts to deliver a completing 18 minute TED talk, Catalyzed a community fund campaign that resulted in $65,000 of sponsorships

Moises Bertoni Foundation- Lecturer & Business Dev. Associate

Maya Campbell-Unsoeld

Puentes Community Farm in Stockton Waves of Hope in Nicaragua

Fundacion Paraguaya Agricultural School - Paraguay

Fall 2010 - Spring 2012 Puentes Community Farm Summer 2011

Waves of Hope

Summer 2012

Fundacion Paraguaya

Puentes - Taught nutrition and garden classes to elementary school students, volunteered at farm-mulching, planting and translating in Stockton

Waves - Designed and expanded a community garden project and built network of professional contacts to move the program toward sustainability in Nicaragua

Fundacion Paraguaya - Designed new marketing strategies for the organic products that the sustainable school produces, and design a balanced menu for the boarding students using the produces grown and products created.  Also, worked to author a strategy that will improve the productivity of the school's agriculture sector.

Mujeeb Dadgar

CHOICE Humanitarian in Nepal

Summer 2011

Worked in villages on assisting how to combat poverty with new strategies - hydro-electric installations

Amalee Elayyan

Jordan Institute of Diplomacy


Spring 2011

Arabic to English translation - worked with Diplomats with translation

Established open bridges of communication with the local workforce

Translated and edited documents including political documents, think tanks and notes for conferences

Margaret Fielder

The Akilah Institute, a women's college in Rwanda

United Nations Development Program: South to South Global Assets and Technology Exchange in Shanghai, China

Summer 2012

The Akilah Institute

August 2010 - October 2010

South to South Global Assets and Technology Exchange

The Akilah Institute -  served as a Visiting Agricultural Fellow to assist with farm design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of daily work.  Also, managed agriculture input stock and prepare weekly stock reports and researched sustainability and agriculture innovations, and developing a curriculum for the Sustainable Agriculture Diploma in Rwanda.

UN Development Program - Researched and presented sustainable and socially beneficial investment opportunities in the East African Community to Chinese international investors and wrote a comprehensive report on the business environment, legal structure, political history, social situation and natural resources of each of the East African Community member states in China

Nicolas Freeman

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy

Fall 2010 & Spring 2011

Coordinated with officials at over 20 embassies to obtain information for the GNEP Ministerial meetings. Established as primary desk officer for coordinating Russian ROSATOM visit to select national laboratories and universities regarding civil nuclear energy

Marissa Ito

CoDesarrollo Cooperativa De Ahorro y Credito - Micro Finance


International Justice Mission


Spring 2011

CoDesarrollo Cooperativa De Ahorro y Credito

Summer 2012

International Justice Mission

CoDesarrollo Cooperativa De Ahorro v Credito

Assisted in daily office activities, observed workers collect money and assessed loan applications in rural areas of Ecuador

International Justice Mission

Executive Administrative Intern


Sara Menges

Visayan Forum Foundation

Manila, Philippines

June - August 2011

Human Trafficking Organization - Research Intern assisting with awareness and creating a lasting solution to end modern day slavery

Andrew Nunes

Camp BizSmart in Santa Clara (Business Camp for children 11-15 years old)

Summer 2011 & 2012

Coached 11-14 year old kids on entrepreneurial business plans and presentation skills, facilitated the winning team at the Santa Clara competition, listened and spoke to CEO's, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists

Trevor Rosenbery

California Chamber of Commerce in Sacramento

May - August 2012

Assist in the updating of the CalChamber's International website, as well as, working with the International Affairs department on a variety of projects.

Julie Sugano

Education Abroad Intern at International Programs and Services - UOP

August 2011 - May 2012

Advised students regarding study abroad plans, kept databases of country interest, created and oversaw the Peer Advisor Program and developed new modes of marketing

Kelly Walker

Friends of Hue Foundation, Hue, Vietnam

June - August 2009

Critically analyzed impact evaluation data, microfinance organizations and mobile medical treatment of people in Hue's countryside, utilized modern media to alternatively generate income for FHF's orphanage and took video footage of FHF's projects in Hue over a period of 6 weeks for a video documentary

Megan Walsh

Blue Ridge International, (Licensee of Fisher Price)

Freeport, Florida

Summer 2009

Translated product descriptions and instructions of use from English to Spanish, for product packaging, assisted in color changes for product design and sent out product artwork design to Fisher Price for approval

Lydia Wassan

FAPE, Foundacion para La Assistencia de la Pequena Empresa - Guatemala '

Sadha - India

Manthan Sanstha - India

Summer 2009


Fall 2010


Fall 2012

Manthan Sanstha

FAPE - Interviewed over 60 clients of Micro credit bank and complied 40 page impact analysis report in Spanish

Sadha - Planned and executed Fair trade buyer database. Worked independently and as a part of a team more effective store displays and management system

Manthan Sanstha - Assisted with Watershed Recovery Project:  Research, Mapping, Revising website content

Cassie Winkel

California STEP Project

Sacramento, CA

Summer 2012

Assist small business participation in foreign trade missions and foreign market sales trip. Also, participation in training workshops and trade shows







Job Description

Andrew Basham

US Dept. of State

Bureau of European & Eurasian Affairs, Office of Press and Public Diplomacy

June 2009 - August 2009

Aided desk officers, compiled informative daily memos, assisted in day to day operations

Andrew Basham

House of Commons of the United Kingdom

Sept. 2009 - Dec. 2009

Managed correspondence between our office and constituents, handled casework for constituents

Devon Blount

Jerry McNerney for Congress

June 2010 - August 2010

Canvasser, contacted voters, assisted with regional office operations, promoted candidate through events

Elizabeth Croisetiere

San Joaquin Herald (Bay Area News Group) Tracy, CA

May 2009 - August 2009

Freelance Coordinator, researched, interviewed sources, and conducted press conferences

Caroline Fantozzi

Ties to the World - NGO


August 2007 - June 2009

Environmental Team Intern. To create environmental model for self-sustainability for the orphanage.

Jessica Garland

International Programs & Services - Pacific

January 2011 - present

Curriculum Integration Intern - Research and design of online program to facilitate fluidity in study abroad applications

Kimberly Hargrave

Solar Cookers International

November 2010 - present

Responsible for researching and writing grants, marketing and presentation/exhibitions, donor information

Cherish Ignacio

Stockton Mediation Center

January 2011 - present

Event Coordinator, create ideas, research locations, sponsors and vendors for an event

Kristal Leonard

International Programs & Services - Pacific

January 2011 - present

Curriculum Integration Intern - Lobby for a semester abroad to be required of students with target majors, Work with various admin. and academic dept. to coordinated changes in curriculum

Kristal Leonard - Con't

Foster & Company - Accounting Firm

2006 - 2010

Responsible for organization of documents related to the clients, filed, organized records, database, prepared and help prepare and audit non-profit organizations

Alana Pennington

Hogar San Francisco Regis - Santiago, Chile

Sept. 2009 - Dec. 2009

Helped children at the orphanage with their homework

Alana Pennington

Hogar San Francisco Xavier - Guatemala

July 2008

Assisted fourth-grade teachers during school hours and worked to develop a self-sustainability program for the orphanage

Samantha Phillips

Solar Cookers International

September 2010 - present

Responsible for researching and writing grants, work independently to engage new solar cooking activists

Hunter Tanous

Ties to the World - NGO Guatemala

Sept. 2007 - May 2009

Project Coordinator/Translation Intern.  Liaison between founder, funders, Guatemalan contacts and students. Planned and coordinated 3 student research trips to Guatemala

Hunter Tanous

Junior Achievement Middle East/North Africa Regional Office of Coordination - Amman, Jordan

Sept. 2009 - Dec. 2009

Intern to Development Manager.  Authored multiple Quarterly reports submitted to USAID, compiled potential partner and donor data base for fund development

Margaret Truong

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy, Pacific

January 2011 - May 2011

Helped redesign the school website, updating the faculty profiles, writing articles regarding pharmacy-related events, assisted marketing supervisor organizational and miscellaneous tasks

Emily Veeh

Ministry of Education, Dept. of the Prevention of Addictions and Abuse - Argentina

August 2009 - Nov. 2009

Intern learning to use Spanish computer software and about the business and governmental organization of a foreign country