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Student Profile: Jesse Miles '15

Vision of a PharmacyJesse Miles

I have had lots of ideas of different pharmacy styles of which I would like to open. My main goal right now is to not limit myself, that being said I will really work any type of pharmacy as long as it is successful. My main goal right now is to find a pharmacy to either purchase or open that will be successful in the southern CA area. I have lived in other states and done some traveling and I have found that Southern CA really just fits me best probably because I grew up there.

Besides owning a pharmacy in Southern CA I really don't care what my niche is whether it be compounding, MTM, veterinary, Cancer drugs, Travel medicine, Chronic care management, or DME. I'm really trying to keep an open mind when it comes to what niche I want to do because I believe being a successful entrepreneur you need to be able to continually change to keep up with current demands. So I don't see my pharmacy just doing one niche but continually trying to add different aspects to my pharmacy.

After I have a successful pharmacy/s bringing in enough capitol I plan on opening up a Educational Pharmacy. This would half to be my main goal with pharmacy. I think there is a problem in our profession currently. I don't like how in society people ask what doctor do you go to?, when inquiring about someone's PCP but when asking about their pharmacist they ask which pharmacy do you go to? not which pharmacist do you go to. This thinking is to say that all pharmacist are the same, but they are not all the same there are good pharmacist and bad ones just like there are good and bad PCP's. With SB93 passing I believe that this mind
set will be more important because you can't just go to any pharmacist and hope for the same treatment or clinical expertise. My goal with my pharmacy is to advertise this point that people should "Know their Pharmacist not their Pharmacy". I believe that getting people to think like this will take a lot of work but it will change the profession.

I plan on getting certified in the different chronic care disease like diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and any other disease state organizations that certify pharmacist to become teachers. I will then offer classes at my pharmacy to help people understand their diseases and medications better. These certificates will help establish me as a trusted health professional that is an expert in his field, and with my personality and people skills it will set me apart from the other pharmacists in the area. From growing up around pharmacy I found from watching my father practice is that the main determining factor that makes someone choose an independent pharmacy is you the pharmacist. My pharmacy will focus on education and have students work their so that I can teach them but also cut back on costs of staff. These classes will be a source of income and promotion for my pharmacy and will be a way to just get people to come into the pharmacy itself.