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Student Profile: George Do '16

Vision of a PharmacyGeorge Do

The premise is that more people spend time taking care of their chronic disease states at home with very little professional help. The community pharmacy seems like a great place to have ambulatory care like services in order to better monitor their disease states and offer them a service that would improve their health and attract more patrons based on that service and focus on improving whole health more than the traditional pharmacy. It looks like an opportunity to have a lot of meaningful impact on the community.

The pharmacy would be in a more city like environment thinking that an area like that would have more health conscious individuals that would appreciate this combination of services. This would be a free standing pharmacy that has a large counseling area that allows for private long term discussion. Ideally the pharmacy is a combination of a standard prescription pharmacy along with a more ambulatory care focus. The focus at the start would be toward a single disease state such as diabetes. There would be a pharmacist to staff the standard pharmacy along with a pharmacist that performs the counseling services. If things go well, more expansion on the ambulatory care services including more disease states would be sought after. Starting up with many services might be confusing so there needs to be assessment if compounding would be ideal. If it does occur, it would need to be an add-on and produce more products that are not just prescriptions to fill areas that people have deficiencies in such as vitamins and minerals.

The front end are would have a focus on day-to-day wellness items such as simple at home exercise equipment such as resistance bands and yoga mats along with safety equipment such as arm braces and medical supplies such as gauze.

Ideally this venture would feature a partner that can understand how these two ideas should intertwine in close facility and manage the both sides of the pharmacy ideally. I am hoping to feature the pharmacy near a park area or another open area to have yoga or other dynamic at home practices that makes staying healthy easy at home. Saying to exercise is something that makes everything better so partnering or producing these services would be fantastic to give the patrons numerous easy tangible ideas for their overall wellbeing. Developing plans and checking up on them would be ideal along with a program where the patron would perhaps leave some of their medication behind (half-fill the prescription) and then pick it back up and talk about how the medication is going and see if there are meaningful steps being taken. The pharmacist would become more of a life coach that sees the patrons much more often and not let them slip through the cracks.

Working with health centers such as senior homes would be an important avenue for this business. Delivering drugs as well as exercising services that the home does not already feature would be ideal. Working in the community would be really important to try to establish rapport as a healthy focused pharmacy. Attending health fairs as a service for the at home exercise aspect would be best to promote the pharmacy as well as show people the premise of the business with one of the unique aspects of the whole idea.