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Student Profile: Sophie Hoang '16

Vision of a PharmacySophie Hoang

As I traveled during my teenager years, I was exposed to the various disease and economic burdens prevalent around the world. This changed my perspective on the purpose of life and became the propeller of my pursuit into the field of pharmacy. When I discovered the PharmD/MBA dual major program at University of the Pacific, I jumped at this exciting new opportunity with dreams of owning an independent pharmacy with a niche that revolves around my patients and their specific needs. Casting back on my graduate business courses, learning from lectures was not rewarding to me. I needed an opportunity to apply my education in order to make a real impact, so I joined a student business-consulting firm for non-profit organizations and social enterprises. It was challenging as a team lead, but I exceeded the boundaries of my comfort zone and realized that I can accomplish goals that I set my mind to. We can all make a difference and we can all be changemakers.

With that said, my ideal pharmacy would prosper as a for-profit business with a philanthropic initiative, revolving around the mission of balancing pharmaceuticals with social responsibility and development. My pharmacy and its personnel believe that health and wellness matters, and recognizes that access to healthcare is not always prevalent in rural communities of developing countries. The for-profit sector of the pharmacy will sustain our programs for health education, access to adequate care by reputable healthcare professionals and health coverage by giving 30% of its profits to the cause. This can be made possible with a collaboration with a non-profit healthcare charity such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AmeriCares or Red Cross. In order to generate enough revenue, the pharmacy provides a variety of unique services within a health and wellness complex that serve the affluent population of Orange County, CA:

1. Prescription Medications
2. Non-prescription medications (OTC)
3. Homeopathic and wellness products
     a) essential oils
     b) herbal plants and tea
4. Compounding
5. Detox juices and wellness café

With the pharmacy's lucrative business model and undeniable inspiring mission statement, the residents of Southern California will be thrilled to not only improve their own health, but also the health of others. With the social entrepreneurship skills I have gained through countless academic courses and interactions with influential people, I believe that I can make this business model with an added benefit of a non-profit division possible. I hope to help improve the quality of care to my patients in every crevice of this evolving world.