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Student Profile: Megan Wang '16

Vision of a PharmacyMegan Wang

I am a very indecisive person so I am having a very difficult time sticking with one idea for my future pharmacy. I am very sure I would want to be in an urban community either in a major city or adjacent to one. I guess I would stick to Sothern California, specifically Los Angeles, since that is where I grew up and I know the area decently. But I would still be open to any other city. I would not have a free standing pharmacy. I would prefer it be part of a clinic or even a store. There is one pharmacy in Pasadena, CA that took an old compounding pharmacy and turned part of it into an ice cream parlor! I thought that was very creative and kept the classic style while maintaining the small compounding pharmacy.

I would want to definitely offer immunizations. I am currently in Operation Immunization and I am such a big supporter of how important they are. I also worked in a closed door compounding pharmacy for a couple months and I really enjoyed compounding so I would want to have that component as well. I also spent half a year working for a home infusion agency and I loved that experience as well. That would definitely be a closed pharmacy since their mixing is done in a sterile room but giving up that pharmacist-patient face-to-face interaction will be difficult for me. If I could create any pharmacy I wanted, it would be half closed door and half open. So, on one hand we would have an open store front that has that community feel and then behind it I would have a sterile room and office desks and a shipping center for my compounding and IV work. Is this realistic? Probably not, but I am currently not decided on which route I want to take in my career.

I would also definitely want a couple partners in owning this pharmacy. I need assistance in making these decisions and I would love to have other opinions and advice. I would improve patient outcome by being next to a hospital/clinic and offering medical equipment needed for at home care. Also, patients could come in right after they get discharged and we could have their IV, TPNs, or any other compounded mixes needed available. Patients could pick up flushes for their IV lines or any of the tubing and equipment needed right away. We would also offer a delivery service just like any other compounding and home infusion pharmacy for the patents that just need their refills. I would offer monitoring calls to the at home care patents to see how they are responding to their treatments and see if they need adjusting. As for STAR ratings, I would try to work with whichever hospital/clinic I am next to by helping to ensure quality healthcare. I would try tin improve drug adherence as well as provide services that would benefit the patients leaving that hospital to ensure comprehensive coverage of their healthcare needs.