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    Ernesto Espinoza

    Ernesto EspinozaAdmission Counselor
    BA in Sociology, University of the Pacific

    What is your favorite activity?
    I am an avid motorcycle rider and enthusiast of the sport! On my spare time, I tour on my Kawasaki Ninja through scenic routes such as California Highway 1 and tear through twisty canyon roads.
    What attractions should visitors be sure to see?
    Stockton over the years has become a foody town. It has an expansive selection of diverse cuisine that only continues to increase. I personally recommend Manny’s California Fresh Café. They are a popular deli/grill located in Stockton’s historic Miracle Mile that is only a few minutes’ drive from the University. My personal favorite is the deli croissant!
    What do you look for in an application?
    I want to know about the individual behind the numbers! When reading through an application, I like to see what the student has accomplished in the classroom, and just as importantly, outside the classroom. I enjoy reading applications where students are able to balance their academics with their extracurricular activities.

    Geographic Focus:

    California Counties

    • Kern
    • San Joaquin