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Los Danzantes de Pacific

Los Danzantes de Pacific

University of the Pacific's Traditional Mexican Folkloric Dance Ensemble

Dance ~ Culture ~ Heritage

Bailables ~ Cultura ~ Herencia

Our Mission

To educate, share, and understand the heritage, culture, and diversity of our community through the study and traditions of dance.


University of the Pacific's ballet folkloric dance group was formed in the fall of 2009 by Lorena Becerra ('02 & '07) and three undergraduate students that shared a great desire and love of both dance and cultural heritage. With the hope of being able to promote diversity on campus and share in the exchange of knowledge regarding new cultures and the significance and history of dance, Los Danzantes de Pacific was created.Folklore evokes the traditions of a community and its evolution from the past in connection with present customs that strive toward excellence for future growth; all to reflect the essence of its people.

Folkloric dancing is an art form that has been passed down through generations. It is a fusion of intricate steps, meaningful choreographed dances, and dazzling skirt movements.


Our dance group invites all faculty, staff, and students interested in an opportunity to expand their knowledge of cultures and learn of the historical influence of dance.