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Student Alumni Connection

The Student Alumni Connection program connects students with alumni mentors in order to aid students in enhancing their educational and professional opportunities. Mentorships can take on many different forms, but their basic purpose is to offer students guidance from Pacific alumni who have already made the transition from higher education to a professional career and who now seek to help other students make the same journey.

If you wish to take advantage of the Student Alumni Connection program, you will need to complete the following steps to find and build good a relationship with a mentor. Jump to more details by clicking on each step.

  1. Find a mentor
  2. Complete the Mentee Profile form - Download form now
  3. Introduce yourself to the mentor and schedule initial meeting - Download Introduction Letter Guide
  4. Complete the Expectations form - Download form now
  5. Prepare for and have your initial meeting
  6. Thank your mentor and deselect them when mentorship has ended
  7. Submit an evaluation

Find a mentor in Tiger Jobs

  • Log in through insidePacific.
  • Once in Tiger Jobs, click on the "Student Alumni Connection" tab towards the top of the page. If you do not have this tab, call the CRC for assistance.
  • Review the list of Alumni Mentors. You might start with those who have the same major or occupation that interest you. Also note their involvement at Pacific.
  • After reading their profiles thoroughly, consider doing further research on them to determine if they might be able to help you with your goals. Look for information on them through their company website, a profile on, or a Twitter profile.
  • If you have decided you would like to speak with a mentor, click on the "Interested" button in their profile.
  • You may select multiple mentors at one time, but limit yourself to a few. This is a privilege and requires equal responsibility and effort on your part. If you spend at least 1 hour with each mentor a week, ask yourself what is a realistic amount of time you can dedicate to participating.
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email with further instructions. The mentor will also receive notification of your interest and will be expecting to hear from you.

Complete the Mentee Profile form

  • You can save this and reuse it if you become interested in meeting another mentor.

Introduce yourself to the mentor and schedule initial meeting

  • Introduce yourself over email to the mentor within 3-5 business days. See the guide, Building an Introduction Letter, for assistance. Include your Mentee Profile and Profile Agreement as an attachment.

  • Politely follow up with the mentor if you have not heard from them within a week of your initial email. Make sure to check your voice messages in case you missed a call from them. If they do not respond to you after at least 2 attempts over a period of 3 weeks from when you first introduced yourself, contact the program coordinator, Aubrey Ramos, at, so we can check in with them to get an update on their availability.

  • Schedule a time to meet for an hour. When you hear back from your mentor, coordinate a time and place to meet. Be considerate of their schedule first. The meeting can be in person at their place of business or a local coffee shop so long as it is held in a public location. If they live too far, a phone meeting is best.

  • If you need to reschedule or cancel, inform them at least 24 hours in advance unless of course there is an emergency.

  • If you realize you changed your mind about speaking with the mentor, send them an email thanking them for making themselves available and why you are unable to participate further. Go back to their profile in Tiger Jobs and click on the "Interested" button again to end the mentoring connection. This makes their mentoring slot(s) available for other students.

Complete the Program Agreement form

  • Read over the listed expectations and complete the form. Save and print the form to bring with you on the initial meeting.

Prepare for and have your initial meeting

  • Identify questions you may want to ask them during your first meeting.
  • Prepare for your initial meeting. Plan accordingly to arrive no sooner or later than 10 minutes before your meeting. Business casual attire is typically a safe bet. Make sure you bring the Initial Meeting Checklist, your Expectations form, questions you prepared, and a resume in case they are interested in reviewing it.
  • Have your initial meeting. Review the Initial Meeting Checklist with the alum. By the end of the meeting, confirm the terms of the mentoring relationship and if there are steps for moving forward. Make sure to pick up their business card.

Thank your mentor and deselect them when mentorship has ended

  • Send the mentor a Thank You card within 3 days after your meeting. A handwritten card is best.
  • Deselect them as a mentor in Tiger Jobs when mentoring has ended.  Depending on the goals you established with the mentor, the mentoring may have taken place over 1 meeting, or over many across a period of time. By clicking on the "Interested" button, you release your slot as a mentee so that another student can approach the mentor.
  • One month after you signed up on Tiger Jobs to connect with the alum, a program coordinator from the CRC may check in with you to inquire about your experience and offer guidance.

Submit an evaluation

  • Complete and submit an evaluation detailing your experience.